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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We have an Elvis sighting!

Seems Elvis heard about the recent Santa sightings around New Gretna and got to being a little jealous. Not to be outdone, he made an appearance with an unknown New Gretna resident.

If anyone can identify the unknown New Gretna resident in the above photo, we would appreciate it and are offering a $50 reward (below) to the first person who can make a positive identification.

PS- Ever notice how much Busey Allen looks like a clean shaven Ulysses S. Grant on the fifty dollar bill? Remarkable!


  1. No winner yet! Alston is the one on the $50 bill, but who is that with Elvis?

    Pete S.

  2. Could it be Colonel Parker,Elvis' longtime agent, disquised as Floyd West?

  3. Bingo, Jim! You iz right! Now print out the page, cut out the $50 bill and take it to any merchant in New Gretna. I'm sure that they will honor it. Heh, Heh! - Pete S.

    PS- Don't tell them that you got it on the blog. I have to live with these people.