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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Searching the Blog

Here's a valuable tip for all you Bass River History Blog-a-philes. You can search all of the Blog entries for a word or words. It even checks photo captions and comments!

At the upper left corner of the Blog you will see the following search box:

Just type the word or words you want to search for in the search box and click on the adjacent SEARCH BLOG button.  The Blog will then display only those Blog entries that contain the search item you have typed.

Example #1: Suppose you want to see all the Blog entries that mention our buddy, Don Maxwell. Well, just type "Don Maxwell" in the search box, click on the SEARCH BLOG button, and the Blog will display only those daily entries that mention Don Maxwell.

Example #2: Suppose you want to read the Blog entry about little Ricky Steele wearing white shoes. Just type "white shoes" in the search box, click on the SEARCH BLOG button, and the Blog entries that mention Ricky's white shoes will be displayed. However, they won't tell you where to get a pair of shoes like Ricky's. You'll have to ask him that.

Clicking on the Blog title box at the top of the Blog will always get you back to viewing all the entries.

As the Blog grows, the search tool is a handy way to find something you may be looking for but forgot where you saw it. Give it a try!

Pete S


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. bakery and bilding pizza

  3. Does anyone know of a bakery in the Tuckerton/West Creek area in the late 30s-40?

  4. I'm attempting to adjust the 'show arbitrary posts' module. In the accompanying code I might want the yield show to show rundown of posts with the included picture and the title of Kim Kardashian trendyLeather jacket the post beneath it. As of now this code shows just the included picture in front end.