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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fred Kalm & Norm Cramer win amateur contest at the Community Theater - 3/21/49

Today we have "America's Most Talented" winning the TV ratings. Back in the late 1940's the Community Theater in Tuckerton was holding amateur talent contests to increase their attendance figures. New Gretna talent usually participated and sometimes won.

Tuckerton Beacon - April 21, 1949.

It's not surprising that two New Gretna boys, Fred Kalm and Norm Cramer, came away with first place. Through the years they often played as a team and were noted in the area for their talent.

Norm Cramer on electric guitar and Fred Kalm on banjo entertain the crowd in the 1964 New Gretna PTA minstrel show, Farmer Style. (Photo courtesy of Harrison Cunningham.)

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