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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Gretna's Little Heroine- Celeste Seruya

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of opening the newspaper each morning and reading nothing but depressing news. If you were to believe the papers, nothing good ever happens. If I were ever to hit the lottery, I would start a newspaper that prints nothing but good news. I am convinced that there are a lot of good things happening, but we just never hear about them. The following is a case in point.

Last night, at the Bass River Township Commissioner's meeting, there was some good news. Unfortunately, the press was not present to report on it. An award was presented to six year old Celeste Seruya who lives in the Bridgeport area of Bass River Township and is a 1st grade student in the Bass River Elementary School. A few months ago, Celeste was at her great aunt's (June Eichinger) house when June had a mini stroke. Celeste realized that something was wrong with her aunt and dialed 911. She told the 911 operator that her aunt was sick and stayed on the phone, talking with the 911 operator, until medical help arrived. June got the necessary help in time, thanks to the actions of Celeste.    

Celeste was asked at the award presentation how she knew to call 911. She responded that she learned it last year from Mrs. Nino, her Kindergarten teacher. Cudos to Mrs. Nino and Bass River Elementary School for taking the time to teach our children important life skills.

Celeste, we want you to know that we are all proud of you!

Pete S.

Mayor Debbie Buzby-Cope presents an award to Celeste with her great aunt, June Eichinger, and her mom, Christine Eichinger Seruya, sitting to her left. The folded hands on her right belong to her grandmother, Joyce Eichinger. (Photo by Pete Stemmer.)

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  1. What a wounderful ending to such a great story. We all should be proud of Celeste and our community. Celeste is a smart and couragouse young lady to have been able to make that call to 911. When Celeste credits Mrs Nino at the Bass River School and the Mayor presents Celeste with a citizen award, It makes me proud to say I live in New Gretna. CN