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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hanson Family of Tuckerton- Bruce Hanson

Received the following email from Bruce Hanson asking about information related to an ancestor, Capt. John Hanson, from Tuckerton. Unfortunately, I don't have any information on the Hansons of Tuckerton but thought that, perhaps, someone out there might. If you do, please leave a comment here.

I'll be at the Tuckerton Historical Society on Wednesday and will try to find some Hanson information there, so keep tuned!   - Pete S.

Hi Pete--I really enjoyed looking at the Bass River history website--you've done a great job with it.
I found the website because my family has a Bass River connection.  My great-grandfather's parents were Benj. Hanson of Tuckerton and Hannah Adams of Bass River.  Hannah was the daughter of Thomas J. Adams/Mariah L. French, and grand-daughter of Evi Adams.  Capt. Benj. Hanson was lost at sea in 1875/6, and Hannah and infant child moved to Philadelphia, where she worked on the Centennial Exhibition.  Some of her descendants, me included, still live in the Philadelphia area.
I enjoy exploring the Bass River/Tuckerton area when we are at the shore.  Someday, I hope to solve the mystery of the origins of Capt. John Hanson, Benj.'s father, who appears to be the progenitor of the Hansons of Tuckerton.  Curious that no information on John Hanson is given in Leah Blackman's book, since one of John's other sons, Ezra, was married to Leah's daughter, Melinda.  Anyway, thanks for the very interesting website.
Bruce Hanson

Following is a photo of Melinda Blackman Hanson mentioned in Bruce's email message (above).

Melinda Blackman Hanson, daughter of Leah and Ezra Blackman (Photo courtesy of Arnold Cramer.)

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