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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bishops and McAnneys and their CCC Outhouse- Marie McAnney Bishop Doherty

My husband Ernest Falkenburg Doherty MD had a father with same name from Columbus, NJ. He was youngest of 13.  We have often wondered about name Falkenburg.  Now I see it on your site. This is very interesting.  

I want to write another article about my other Grandfather, John Bishop. He had 2 white cedar sawmills locally. He died at 53 with a work injury. The first mill burned down so my father Sylvester Bishop slept in a cabin on site. One night a huge bear tried to break in!!

    Sylvester made the mistake of courting Alvin McAnneys 18 year old daughter, Irene.  He was rewarded by having his fancy straw hat knocked off with a tomato by her brother Ruby McAnney, hidden in lilac bush thats still by kitchen window.  Sylvester  had the only car in town and was promising her an indoor bath to replace Elveys fancy one built by CCC with a cement floor on Riverside Dr. Its still there at Tom Bishop Doherty's house with hoes and rakes in it. 

     The original grape arbor leads to the house.  Merlot grapes are seen in Acme, $5.00 for a cup.Tom's daughter, Emily appears every Labor Day and strips the vines and takes them to NYC.  She had grape pie for Thanksgiving!!!

Marie McAnney Bishop Doherty (Tom's mom)
Marie- I'm looking forward to your article on John Bishop. Perhaps we could publish it in our next edition of the "Bass River Gazette" which, hopefully, will be out in February, 2009.    - Pete S.
PS- Speaking of Ruby McAnney . . . Jim, Ruby's son, reads this blog, and I know he has a ton of stories about Allen's Dock in the "old days". Ruby owned and ran Allen's Dock for many years, and Jim spent many hours there as a child soaking up the local culture. Maybe Jim will jot a few stories down for the blog. How about it, Jim?
The old CCC outhouse in back of the Bishop homestead on Riverside Drive. Notice the lush grape arbor leading to the outhouse door. That was a common sight in old time New Gretna. (July, 2007 photo by Pete Stemmer)
You can see other New Gretna outhouses on our Bass River History Web Site at . . . Stop by and sit for a spell.
Alvin McAnney, Sylvestor Bishop's father-in-law. (Photo by Margaret "Peg" Cramer McAnney) 
Irene McAnney, Alvin's daughter, in 1920. Irene married Sylvester Bishop, Marie McAnney Bishop Doherty's father. (Photo courtesy of Margaret "Peg" Cramer McAnney.)

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