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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bennie Allen's Garden- Emily Doherty

Hi Pete,
My dad (Tom Doherty) posted on your blog (See Sunday, November 30) , and I scrolled down to read more and believe the person you cited as the oldest person living in New Gretna is my neighbor, Benny, on North Maple/ Riverside Dr.  Is that correct?  If so, I've attached a fun picture taken a few years ago with me and Benny posing outside of his incredible garden.  He'd given me some of his strawberries, which were bright red and bursting with flavor.  Nothing beats homegrown!
Either way, please send Benny and his wife my regards on his birthday, and show them this picture :)

Yup, that's Bennie Allen! And what a garden he always has. I've been fortunate to taste many of Ben's fine produce through the years.   We have a watercolor painting of Bennie's Garden hanging in our living room. It was done by Edith Clark who was a neighbor of Ben and Elaine some years ago.     - Pete S.

Bennie Allen's Garden, a watercolor by Edith Clark

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