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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The New Gretna Time Machine visits Dec.18, 1941

One of my all time favorite comic strips was Calvin and Hobbes. It was one of the few comics, in addition to the Far Side, that I really looked forward to every day. I even shed a tear when it was discontinued. I especially loved the time machine stories when Calvin and his pet tiger, Hobbes, would step into their cardboard time machine, put on their time travel goggles, and go back in time for some interesting adventures.

When I saw a big cardboard box at the Transfer Station the other day, my mind flashed back to Calvin's time machine adventures. I thought that it would be fun if we could step into a time machine and go back to an earlier time in New Gretna to see what was going on. Well, I brought that old cardboard box home from the Transfer Station and made a few adjustments that I learned from Calvin. So, put on your goggles and step into the time machine with me while I set the control buttons to December 18, 1941 in New Gretna, exactly 67 years from today. Let see what was happening . . .

New Gretna

December 18, 1941

Rev. A. D. Elwell of Ewan, N. J., called on Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Mathis and several other families Tuesday afternoon of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pratt Cramer of Atlantic City were Wednesday even­ing dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cramer and family.

Mrs. Joseph Shropshire of Trenton, N. J. returned home after a weeks vis­it with Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Mathis.

Mrs. William Magee and daughter Peggy of Atlantic City, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peer and children Walter, Jr., and Stella of Manahawkin, Pri­vate John Edward Mathis of Aberdeen, Md, and Mrs. Carroll Allen of Tuckerton were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Mathis.

Mrs. Viola Cramer was an overnight visitor with her daughter Mrs. Peter de Flesco in Trenton, Wednesday of last week.

Mr. Richard Woodward of Riverton, N. J. and Mr. Leslie Reeves of River­side, N. J., members of the Burling­ton County Real Estate Board, were Saturday afternoon callers of Mr John S. Mathis.

Several members of the Fire Com­pany responded to an alarm which caused a slight damage to the chim­ney in the residence of Mrs. Mattie Berry, last Saturday at noon.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Mathis en­tertained at dinner at their home last Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Asbury Mathis, and Mr. and Mrs. Delvin Bozarth.

Mrs. H. Z. Mathis and Mrs. J. Rob­ert Maxwell motored to Mt. Holly, Monday to obtain material for sew­ing and information in regards to the organization of a branch of the Red Cross Chapter, in New Gretna.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hurff, Mrs. Fanny Richer and Mr. Walter Carr of Ewan, N. J., former parishers of Rev. Taylor, were Sunday afternoon callers of Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Taylor, at the Parsonage.

Dr. D. C. Simmerman and Attorney A. McKean of Germantown, Pa., were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Mar­vin B. Mathis.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vanslyke and son Douglas of Lakehurst, N. J. were Wednesday afternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mathis. Mr. Van Slyke was at one time the Educational Ad­visor and Director at the Veterans C. C. C. Camp here, and is now In­structor and Manager of the Y. M. C. A. in Lakehurst.

Rev. E. C. Enslin and Miss Erva Cramer were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Kauflin.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster Lamson and family of Paulsboro, N. J. visited with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Mar­vin B. Mathis Saturday.

Mrs. C. C. Mathis was an Atlantic City shopper Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Mathis visited with Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mathis Sunday afternoon and evening.

Mrs. Mabele Cramer has gone to Philadelphia where she will remain until after the holidays with her daughters and their families.

Mrs. Elizabeth Schutte entertained in honor of her daughter Betty’s 10th birthday, Tuesday afternoon, with seven of her little friends present at her home on North Maple Ave. The guests were Bob, Elvin and Georgene Mathis, Betty McAnney, Lora Jean Hickman, Barbara and Sheila Shan­ley and Betty Schutte.

Tuckerton Beacon

Many of you out there with New Gretna roots should recognize some of the names mentioned in our time travel trip. If so, let's hear some memories or stories from you.

Pete S.

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