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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Steinhauer's 50th Anniversary and the Short Allen Connection

I am happy to report that Geary and Pat Steinhaurer celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, December 20th. 

Photo courtesy of Grace Ann Steinhauer Rodriguez.
Geary's roots run deep in the history of Bass River Township. He was the oldest of the three sons of Paul and Virginia Steinhauer. His mother, Virginia, was the daughter of Uriah and Marietta (Corlis) Allen. This "Short" Allen branch of the family tree can be traced back to Robert Allen, the second white settler in the Bass River area of Little Egg Harbor Township. [ Note: For a discussion on the Tall and Short Allen's of Bass River Township, see the Bass River Gazette May, 1999 article at]

Geary's parents, Paul and Virginia Allen Steinhauer.
(Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

Baby Geary with his grandfather, John Steinhauer.
(Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

Geary was raised in a family and community environment that valued many of the noble traditions of the pineys in the area . . .  clamming and fishing in the bay and hunting and gathering in the surrounding woods.

Geary learned to hunt at an early age . . . 

(Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

. . . and shot himself a goose from time to time.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

Geary's grandparents were Uriah and Marietta (Corlis) Allen . . .

(Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

. . . and his great grandparents were Uriah and Rita Allen who lived on North Maple Avenue in the house where Alston and Claire Allen are currently living. Rita ran a variey store from this house for many years while Rye conducted a number of businesses including the raising of cranberries [See].

A tin type of Rye and Rita Allen from the Allen Family photo album.
(Tin type courtesy of Paul Steinhauer, Jr.)

Rye Allen, Sr. was known locally as "Piper". His son, Rye, Jr., was called "Piper, Jr.", and Geary is known as "Little Piper". [Note: See page 4 of the "Bass River Gazette" for Almira Cramer Steele's article on Bass River Nicknames . . . .]

So, today we wish "Little Piper" and Pat a very happy 50th Wedding Anniversary and may they have many more.

Pete S.

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