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Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love New Gretna - Paul Gerke

I began the New Gretna-Bass River experience in July of 1992 at the age of 9. Lost my mind and left for Mays Landing in 2004 at the age of 20. Regained my senses in May of 2008 just before my 25th brithday. To me I do not consider myself a piney, although I have been accepted by the town. One of the rare places in which you find a New Jersey person friendly. Just over 12 years collectively here and at face value you cannot see the wonders. Its only when we pause do we really see how special our town is. I have to be honest I graduated high school in 2002 and have witnessed many changes in surrounding towns, and I fear for New Gretna. I trust the elders of the town or to be so bold those over 40. I do not trust those in my generation including myself. After the election of 2008 I knew that towns like this are the only hope for our county, state and country. I attended college and lost my mind because I thought what was said in class was the norm. Instead I found it to be a bash bush and or the republicain party and at the time I went along with it. Felt sick to my stomach when I left New Gretna and knew something was wrong. Only within the past year or so have I realized what it was. I was having liberal ideas shoved down my throat and working along side a conservative coworker I discovered the light. Now 20% of America is right wing, 20% is left wing and 60% is moderate. Looking at the numbers the left won this election but New Gretna didn't lean that way. I know for a fact that this town is made up of sensible people. Who understand what the constitution is about and do not believe in scrapping it. In addition to that I have been down every road and each tells a story. Every house does the same but what makes this town what it is. Simply put New Gretna gets it, this town understands so much more then our neighbors give us credit for. - Paul Gerke

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