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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lincoln Mott meets the Cisco Kid

Tuckerton seems like the place to meet and greet celebrities. Somehow, they never seem to make it into New Gretna. We had an Elvis sighting at the Stewart's Root Beer Stand at the head of Tuckerton Creek on Sunday, December 14th, and now an academy award winning movie star stops in West Tuckerton for a hot dog on his way to the New York World's Fair.

Any one out there remember going to the movies to see the Cisco Kid? As a kid, I remember seeing the Cisco Kid on our black and white 10 inch Dumont TV in the early 1950's. The Cisco Kid was played by Duncan Rinaldo and Pancho by Leo Carrillo at that time. I remember that, at the end of every show, they would say "Oh, Cisco" and "Oh, Pancho" as they rode off into the sunset.

TV Western - Cisco Kid, Duncan Renaldo
Duncan Rinaldo as the Cisco Kid and Leo Carrillo as his side kick, Pancho, on TV in the early 1950's.

Pete S.