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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seven Turkeys and counting- Elaine Mathis

Well, it seems our turkey watch here in New Gretna is picking up steam. I received a report (See below) from Elaine Mathis, on the lower end of North Maple Avenue, who reports a sighting of seven gobblers. And a bonus deer sighting, too! Thanks, Elaine. That beats the three turkeys that were in my driveway. Anyone see a larger group? By the way, what do you call a group of turkeys?     - Pete S.

Hi Pete,
I enjoyed your story about the turkeys guarding your property.  It made me think of Thanksgiving Day last year when I watched 7 turkeys come walking out of our woods toward the house.  I hurried down the back steps of the deck with my camera and waited for them to get close.  They saw me and kept watching me, but I did not move a muscle or blink an eye.  I snapped their picture and thought how lucky they were that I already had my turkey roasting in my oven for dinner later in the day. 
We've had lots of deer come out of the woods this year, too.  They seem to love the acorns from the oak trees.  My mom (Elsie Ford Weber who lives with Bob and I), looks out her bedroom window every morning to see if she can see any deer in the back yard.  

We have had as many as 11 at one time out there munching those acorns.  They are beautiful to watch.
Sort of reminds me of  "Where's Waldo?".
How many deer can you find?

Elaine Mathis

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