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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rustic Inn Ownership: Part 2- Don Maxwell

(See Monday, December 8th
for Rustic Inn Ownership- Part 1)


I haven't gone to Florida so far, not until next January. Right now I am down in West Virginia hunting deer with my son John. You are right on target about the Rustic. I was just a little kid when the old one burned down. We lived right next door so I saw it all. I watched them build the present one. My parents and Frank and Rejessica Cramer were very friendly. She was also a Cramer from probably the oldest Cramer family in New Gretna. Frank was originally from Atlantic City. He was a brick mason and did all the brick work on it. He also did all the brick work on the older part of the New Gretna Schoolhouse. He was also president of the New Gretna schoolboard at the time. (Try that today huh?)  

Don Maxwell            

PS- That Cramer family owned from Frank Gray's to the corner up to the Cemetery Road. My dad bought our property from them.  

(l-r)- Donald, Joyce, and Jack Maxwell on the steps of the family home, adjacent to the Rustic Inn. (Photo courtesy of Donald Maxwell.)

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