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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carol Kauflin's 5th Birthday Party

Christmas reminds us of the importance of birthdays in our lives. One of my favorite features in the Local News Columns of the old Tuckerton Beacons is the frequent mention of birthday parties. The following is an example of a well attended New Gretna birthday party held on May 22, 1952. By the way, Carol Kauffln (now Nicklow) and her husband, Ron, live in the South Maple Avenue home where the birthday party took place.

The two young boys below attended the party. See if you can guess who they are. 

Rickie Steele (l) and Jimmy McAnney attended Carol Kauflin's 5th birthday party. (Photo courtesy of Margaret Cramer McAnney.)

Pete S.

1 comment:

  1. As a former New Gretnanite, I always wondered what happened to Carol Kauflin. Nice person.
    Harold (Harry) Altscher from the North Side of Maple Ave.