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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 4th of July - Tuckerton Style

I consider the 4th of July weekend the real beginning of summer. It congers up childhood memories of picnics, parades, and fireworks. Many small towns in south Jersey still celebrate the holiday as they have for decades. Tuckerton is no exception.

I thought I would share some memories of two past Tuckerton 4th of July parades and a portion of a Tuckerton fireworks display for those of you out in the Blog-O-Sphere who won't be able to partake in this year's Tuckerton 4th of July festivities. You may even see someone you know at the parade. Rumor has it that Rickie White Shoes may be in one of the parades, but I couldn't find him. If anyone spots him, please let me know.

May you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Pete S

Click below to see part of the
2008 Tuckerton 4th of July parade.

Click below to see part of the
2010 Tuckerton 4th of July parade.

Click below to see a portion of the 2009 Tuckerton fireworks at Tip Seaman Park.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jaws and Tuckerton's Gigantic Steinhaurer Tooth

One of my all time favorite suspense movies was the 1975 hit, Jaws, which was based on Peter Benchy's novel and directed by Steven Spielberg. I still shiver when I think of the shark attack scenes with that creepy music.

Click on the video below to see a brief trailer of Jaws with its terrifying attack music.

Those scary shark scenes flashed before my mind when I came across a June 18, 1978 article from the Atlantic City Press. The photo of Paul Steinhaurer holding a gigantic prehistoric shark's tooth from the Jurassic Age caught my attention, as Paul is a Tuckerton native. I couldn't help wondering if Tuckerton had its own "Jaws" way back in prehistoric times.

Pete S

Rena Corlis, from Sims Place, gave the shark's tooth
to her nephew, Paul Steinhaurer.
(Photo courtesy of Gary & Pat Steinhaurer.)

June 18, 1978 Atlantic City Press

PS- Following is a photo of the New Gretna version of Jaws that was caught by Otto Kalm (below). Not as large as the Steinhauer version but daunting none-the-less. I would hate to meet him while treading in the bay.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woman's Defense Council Auxiliary

The Women's Defense Council Auxiliary was formed in May, 1942 to support the New Gretna Local Defense Council which was discussed in the June 8th Blog. Readers familiar with New Gretna during the World War II era will recognize the names of many of the members who attended the meetings.

The following were elected as officers at the first meeting held on May 1, 1942 - Helen Mathis, President; Elizabeth Shutte, Treasurer; and Mildred Kauflin, Secretary. I'm sure some of you out in the Blog-O-Sphere knew these officers and/or have relatives mentioned in the minutes.

Mildred Kauflin was Secretary of the Women's Defense Council Auxilary.
1945 photo courtesy of Betty Lamson West

Click on the link below to read the organization's minutes from 1942. Use your browser's BACK ARROW to return to the Blog.

Pete S

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Gretna's Local Defense Council

Last night I was relaxing in my recliner watching TV with opened windows providing a comfortable breeze blowing off the cool river water in my backyard. I was thinking to myself how blessed Jackie and I are to live in such a quiet, tranquil environment when, much to my chagrin, the raucous noise from multiple jets flying low over my house shattered the peace and quiet and rattled the glassware in our oak antique china cabinet. The Air National Guard, flying sorties over the Warren Grove Bombing Range, was at it, again. Unfortunately, my house is below their flight pattern.

Those jets got me to thinking about the early 1940's when New Gretna's Local Defense Council was charged with protecting the local citizenry from enemy air attacks. They didn't have noisy jet air planes filling the sky with noise pollution back then. Rather, they had to resort to the use of an emergency fire siren on a tower adjacent to the Fire House on North Maple Avenue to warn the residents to take cover in the event of an enemy air attack. It was purely a defensive strategy.

The following 1941 Local Defense Council Regulations, which were to be posted in each township home, outlined the various defense signals and procedures to be followed and listed the Special Police and Air Raid Wardens entrusted with the community's safety and well being. I wonder if anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere remembers those times or are familiar with or are related to any of the Defense Council personnel listed at the bottom of the regulations?

Pete S

Friday, June 3, 2011

Larry's Dock

Years ago there were many more small businesses in New Gretna then there are now. Many were in operation over a long period of time and are well remembered. Others were in existence for shorter periods of time and have long been forgotten. Allen's Dock fits into the former category, while Larry's Dock fits into the latter. Many New Gretna natives would have a tough time remembering Larry's small boat rental, fishing, and crabbing establishment.

The following present day aerial maps show the location of Larry's Dock. It was located on Old New York Road (Rt. 9) just before the old iron bridge spanning the Mullica River to Port Republic.

Bird's eye view showing Larry's Dock in relation to New Gretna.

Closeup view of Larry's Dock location.

The following photo shows Larry's Dock location from the Mullica River looking toward New Gretna.

August 25, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.

Larry's Dock was adjacent to the old iron bridge on the Bass River side.

I believe that Larry's Dock was in operation around the late 1950s and early 1960s. The following advertisement is from a 1963 New Gretna PTA Minstrel Show program.

Another advertisement was given to me by a respected Tuckerton historian who shall remain anonymous. The advertising booklet is somewhat risque, so it is not reproduced below in its entirety. Should you wish to view it, CLICK ON THE PARTIAL AD CLIPPING BELOW. Use your browser's BACK ARROW to return to the Blog. If you are easily offended, please do not click on the ad, as you may find it objectionable. Children under the age of 18 should not click on the ad. It's rated "M", for mature audiences only. And remember that I don't make history, I just report it.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Larry, his business, or his performance on the lie detector test. I don't even know Larry's last name. I'm hoping that some New Gretna old timer reads this Blog entry and provides some recollection or other information via email or in the comments section below.

Keep on smiling!

Pete S

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Delays

I'm presently working on some long delayed home repair projects which are taking up most of my days and leaving me tuckered out in the evening. Consequently, there may be delays on the Blog for the next few weeks, until I get a handle on the projects.

So, please check back from time to time, until I am back on a mid week posting schedule.

Pete S