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Monday, December 27, 2010

The old Souders-Miller House

I got the following email requesting information related to the house on the Bass River at the end of Miller Lane in New Gretna.

I stumbled on this blog and thank-you for it. I was wondering if anyone knows the history of the property on the river on Millers Lane? My friend owns it and we had the pleasure of speaking with Benny Allen a few times about it in the years before his passing. He had said there was a "town dock" where the current driveway is located. He said he moored a boat there before going off to fight in the war. (I assume WWII). I have been looking for pictures of what the property looked like back then as well. I was trying to catch up with Steve Potter, but he is always on the move and hard to pin down most of the time. I am just very curious about the rich history of such a small town and a great place to live.



The Miller Lane area off North Maple Avenue in New Gretna.
(Courtesy of Bing Maps.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any old photos of the property David asked about nor do I have much more information about it, other than that provided by Bennie Allen and mentioned in David's email.

According to Elaine Allen, Lillie and Joe Miller lived there in the 1950's and early 1960's, hence the name "Miller Lane." Lillie was the Bass River Township Tax Collector for many of the years that the Millers lived at the end of Miller's Lane. She ran the Tax Office on the side porch.

Robert and Marian Souders lived in the old house around the early 1900's and the road was called "Souders Lane." The Souders were Marian Broome's grandparents.

The old house is now gone, having been replaced by Phil and Edith Clark in the 1980's.

The old Souder-Miller house was replaced by Phil and Edith Clark in the 1980's. (Courtesy of Bing Maps.)

Any photos of the old house or the Millers or other information from out in the Blog-O-Sphere concerning the Souders - Miller - Clark house would be appreciated.

Pete S


  1. Reading about Robert Souder, Marian Broom's grandparents, is very interesting. Sam's mother, Frances Briggs, was a Souder. I have lineage years back, if this Robert was born Jan 25, l880 and his middle initial is "D", he is the brother of Sam's grandmother, Frances Souder Logan born April 25, 1878. Strange twist of fate. Then Sam & Marian are related.
    Phyllis Briggs

  2. Robert G. Souders, Marian Broome's grandfather, is buried in Hillside Cemetery in new Gretna. He was born in 1841 and died in 1925. Since the middle initials do not match, it looks like Sam is not related to Marian Broom. We'll have to do some more research on the Souders family as there may be a connection between Sam and Marian through other family members.

    Pete S

  3. Woops! Robert Souders' middle initial is "C", not "G" as I stated in the previous comment.

    Pete S

  4. My Grandfather Joseph Miller Sr. Owned and lived there and I have many fond memories there. I will look into pics I may have of the property back in the day. My brother Paul May have as well .