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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lima Bean Man and the Giant Icicle

Around the New Gretna area Howard Ware, who is well into his eighties, is known as the Lima Bean man. This moniker resulted from his growing the most delicious pole Lima beans every summer. People literally line up to buy them by the bushel, and Howard's hard work and green thumb never disappoint.

Howard Ware (left) and his brother Nelson have been fixtures around the Wading River - New Gretna area for 8 decades. (February 7, 1996 photo courtesy of Howard Ware.)

Every summer Howard proclaims "This is my last year fur plantin' Limars. They're too much work!" but, when the next summer rolls around, Howard is out plowing and preparing his garden for another mouth watering crop.

Howard's Lima bean garden on North Maple Avenue.
(Map courtesy of Bing Maps.)

Not being content to merely growing record setting "Limars", Howard has set his sights on a winter record as well. This morning, while driving to the Post Office I spotted a remarkable icicle hanging from the front roof of Howard's North Maple Avenue home. It hung down so far that it nearly touched the ground. I said to myself that "Howard doesn't like to do things half way! Why should his icicles be any different?"

Icicles hanging from Howard Ware's front roof.
(December 30, 2010 photo by Pete Stemmer)

A close up of the giant icicle that nearly touched the ground.
(December 30, 2010 photo by Pete Stemmer)

I took a photo of the remarkable ice projectile and continued on my way to the Post Office. I had planned to return home for my tape measure, so that I could measure it and submit the photo and measurements to the "Guinness Book of New Gretna Records", a little known local publication.

Much to my regret, on my way home, I noticed that the likely record-setting frozen appendage had lost its grip on the roof, fallen, and lay on the ground in little pieces. Alas, Howard's probable record now must go undocumented. Oh well, it's a long winter, so there is still hope.

Pete S

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