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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Return to Clark's Landing

Murray Harris, John Yates, and I took a walking trip to see the old graves at Clarks Landing in Galloway Township, N.J. which was chronicled in the June 9, 2009 Blog entry. This trip can be revisited by clicking on the link below.

I recently came across some UTube videos of another trip to Clark's Landing, taken by Barry Caselli, and thought that I would share them with you. The videos are well done and very informative, particularly regarding the vegetation on the cluster of islands leading to Clark's Landing.

Clark's Landing, Part 1

Clark's Landing, Part 2

Clark's Landing, Part 3

Well, I hope you enjoy the video excursions to Clark's Landing as much as I did. I wonder if Murray Harris broke into a cold sweat while viewing the videos, as he experienced a flashback to his getting lost in the phragmites during our June, 2009 trip to Clark's Landing.

Pete S


  1. Hi, Nice site. You've compiled a wealth of historic info.

    The Clarks Landing videos were taken by Barry Casseli who runs the Yahoo ghosttownsofsouthernnj groups web site. He's shot a number of videos in the pine barrens and other historic areas in SJ.

    John Reynolds

  2. John,

    Thanks for the input. I've added Barry's name as a credit in the Blog entry.

    Pete S