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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Crab Island Fish Factory and the Ebbets' Field Connection

The Crab Island Fish Factory, the skeleton of which can still be seen on one of the Seven Islands in Great Bay, has gone through many owners before being purchased by the State of New Jersey in 1965.

The Crab Island Fish Factory is located on Great Bay.
(Map courtesy of Google Maps.)

The skeletal remains of the Crab Island Fish Factory
(August 27, 2010 photo by Pete Stemmer.)

The McKeever Brothers, Edward and Stephen, who were builders from Brooklyn, New York, owned the Crab Island Fish Factory from 1910 to 1926.

Edward and Stephen McKeever, contractors from Brooklyn, New York owned the Crab Island Fish Factory in the early 1900's.

They had a business relationship with Charles Ebbet the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers and eventually became co-owners of the baseball club.

Charles Ebbets, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers sold a half interest in the ball club to the McKeever Brothers to finance the building of Ebbets' Field.

Edward McKeever (r) and his wife, Jennie, with Charles Ebbets on the infield at Ebbets' Field.

The McKeever Brothers were the general contractors in the building of Ebbet's Field during the time that they owned and operated the Crab Island Fish Factory. When it became time to build the playing field and plant the grass, fish guano (fertilizer) was transported from their Crab Island Fish Factory to the stadium project, thus establishing the Fish Factory - Ebbet's Field connection.

Ebbet's Field, shortly after it's grand opening.

Well, that's the story. Now, every time I sail past the Crab Island Fish Factory, it reminds me of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Ironically, the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets' field are no more, but the skeleton of the Fish Factory still stands.

Pete S

PS- You can read more about the Crab Island Fish Factory on the Tuckerton Historical Society's Web Site by clicking on the link below:

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