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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bass River Sixth Grade Class of 1973

I got the following email from Carlo Campo regarding the 1970 Bass River Elementary Yearbook photos that I posted on the September 13, 2009 Blog entry. You can see that Blog entry by clicking on the link below.

I was in Bass River School the same time of my class mates like Rick Adams, Joan Cramer, Kenney Rose, and Peter Hogan, but I don’t see all of us in there. I also had Mr. Crawford.

Conrad Campo

I checked out my files for other Bass River Elementary School Yearbook photos, I only have the photos from the 1970 and 1973 Yearbooks, but I hit pay dirt. I found photos of Carlo and his 1973 6th grade classmates and teacher which are posted below. Mr. Crawford was a fifth grade teacher in 1973. Hope you enjoy them.

If these photos bring back and memories for those out in the Blog-O-Sphere, let's hear from you.

Pete S

PS- If anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere wishes me to post photos from another 1973 grade level, just drop a line in the comment box with the grade level you would like posted.

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