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Monday, December 20, 2010

Leah Blackman's Tuckerton House Identified

I got the following email from my history buddy, John Yates identifying the correct location of Leah Blackman's Tuckerton house on Marine Street. It is the first house south of Tuckerton High School


Following is my guess regarding the location of Leah Blackman's house in Tuckerton.

John Yates

Cudos, John! You win the Bass River History Blog cigar.

Following is a present day aerial view of Leah's Tuckerton house.

Leah Blackman's Tuckerton house
(Courtesy of Bing Maps.)

Following is a street view of Leah's house.

Leah Blackman's Marine Street house.
(July 24, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.)

The next time you are in Tuckerton, see if you can drive by and spot Leah's house. If you find it, maybe John will give you a puff from his cigar.

Pete S

1 comment:

  1. The reason I knew this house is because when doing my genealogy I found out that Leah Blackman is my 2nd Great GrandAunt (maiden name Mathis). I found that her house still existed and had found it.