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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PTA Past Presidents (1930-1975)

The other day I had mentioned that Kemp Wetmore stopped by the Bass River Community Library with a box of old New Gretna PTA files. One of the more interesting items in that box was a 1975 note book that was kept by Joyce Eichinger who was corresponding secretary that year. The first two pages of entries contained a list of the Past Presidents of the Nerw Gretna P.T.A. from 1930 to 1975. I'm thankful that Joyce took the time to make these entries and preserve a piece of New Gretna history.

Many of the names on the list will be familiar to those in the Blog-O-Sphere who grew up in New Gretna, so I thought I would share the list with you. I've added a few photos to help bring back some memories of those days gone by.

Pete S

PS- If anyone has a photo of a past P.T.A. President whom I didn't place a photo with, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Past Presidents – New Gretna P.T.A.

1930-32: Lillian Lindsley

1932-34: Margaret Maxwell

1934-35: Bess Mathis

A young Bess Cramer before she married Zeb Mathis.

(Photo courtesy of Norman and Ann Mathis.)

1936-38: Helen Mathis

1938-40: Marietta Maxwell

Marietta Maxwell

(Photo courtesy of Myrtle Falkinburg.)

1938-40: Julia McDonald

1940-41: Elizabeth Cramer

1941-42: Minnie Shropshire

Minnie Shropshire

(Photo courtesy of Murray and Jean Shropshire Harris.)

1942-1944: Monica Kalm

Monica Kalm with daughter, Claire.

(Photo courtesy of Alston and Claire Kalm Allen.)

1944-45: Josephine Adams

1945-47: Olga Pflaum

1947-48: Gladys Storey

1948-50: Frances Brown

1950-51: Dorothy Allen

Dot Allen with son Woody, Jr.

(Photo courtesy of Dorothy Allen.)

1951-52: Mary Clifton

1952-53: Myrtle Falkinburg

Myrtle Wiseman Falkinburg

(Photo courtesy of Catherine Wiseman Heinrichs.)

1953-54: Kay Bergh

1954-55: Josephine Adams

1955-56: Maxine Schumacher

1956-58: Helen Hancock

Helen Handcock

1958-59: Mildred Kauflin

Mildred Kauflin

(Photo courtesy of Ron and Carol Kauflin Nicklow.)

1959-60: Almira Steele

Almira Steele with daughters, Susan and baby Ethel.

(1958 photo courtesy of Almira Steele.)

1960-62:Lillian Cunningham

1962-64: Betty West

Betty West with youngest daughter, Rebecca.

(1966 photo courtesy of Floyd and Betty West.)

1964-66: Millie Potter

Millie Potter with daughter, Sheryl.

(1956 photo courtesy of Phyllis Briggs.)

1966-68: Betty Adams

1968-70: Lila Cramer

Lila Cramer with son, Doug

(1956 photo courtesy of Phyllis Briggs.)

1970-71: Emma Tozer

1971-72: Marjorie Conover

1972-73: Carol Tilley

1974: Pearl Koteles

1974: William Bomberri

1975: Geraldine Killmaier

1 comment:

  1. We were all young - once. What a pleasure to see the older town folk we knew, shown in their prime younger years.
    Phyllis Briggs