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Monday, September 7, 2009

Bass River Place Names Project

Most of you who are serious students of local history are familiar with Henry Bisbee's classic book, Place Names in Burlington County, New Jersey, Burlington County Pub. Co., Riverside, N.J.,1955.

A group from the Great John Mathis Foundation has been working on making a list of place names in Bass River Township as the first step in producing a book of "Place Names in Bass River Township" to be modeled after Bisbee's book. The list below shows our progress as of today. The names in parenthesis represent the source where we obtained the name. Other than to transcribe Bisbee's definitions, we haven't gotten to the point of writing descriptions. That's where you come in!

We would appreciate anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere who might know where a place or places are or who would like to add a Bass River place name to drop a comment or email with a list and/or description. Of course, we already have Bisbee's definitions but, perhaps, you may know some facts about a place that Bisbee was not aware of.

Here's hoping to hear from you!

Pete S

Absegami Lake (Bisbee)

Adams-Leek-McKeen Cemetery- Bridgeport

Adams, Isiah Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Adams Landing (Bisbee)

Adams Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Alger Run (1918 Tax Book)

Allen, Caleb Place (1910 Tax Book)

Allen’s Bridge (Bisbee)

Allen’s Dock


Allen's Bridge (Bisbee)

Amasas Landing

Amasa M Tract - Jobs Creek (1910 Tax Book)

Anderson Landing (Wading River)

Anderson Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Appleby Estates (Ben Allen)

Argo, Brig (Blackman, p 193)

Ashatama (Blackman, p 238)

Baker’s Mill (Blackman)

Bakers Mill branch (Prop H, p 60; Prop H, p 64)

Baker Pond (Prop ?, p 88)

Bartlett Place (1910 Tax Book)

Bass River

Bass River Bridge

Bass River Hotel (Prop HH, p 149; Blackman, p. 396)

Bass River-Village (Bisbee)

Bass River Neck (Bisbee)

Bass River Road. (Prop Q, p 100)

Bass River State Forest (Bisbee)

Beaver Branch- Wading River

Bellangee's Creek (Bisbee)

Biddle’s Island

Big Ditch: N 39 d 33.232' W 74 d 26.470' Connects upriver and downriver section of Mullica River. Just upriver from Doctor's Point. (Bob Mathis)

Bills Bridge (1918 Tax Book)

Bisquit's Ditch (Jim McAnney)

Blood Point (1918 Tax Book)

Blue Goose Luncheonette (Ben Allen)

Blue Goose Pond (Jim McAnney)

Bodine Tract (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Bodines Tavern(Bisbee)

Bridgeport - Wading River (Bisbee)

Broad Creek (1910 Tax Book)

Broad Place (Wide Place)- Deed L, p478


Bush Farm- Ed Sim’s Estate

Building & Loan Association, New Gretna

Buzzard Neck (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Calf Island (1918 Tax Book)

Calico (Bisbee)

Cavileer Farm (1918 Tax Book)

CCC Camp

Cedar Swamp Branch (Ben Allen)

Chalks Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Cheyney bridge

Cheyney bridge cossway (Deed Book U-2 p53)

Charcoal Landing

Chickery Chapel-Bridgeport

Chips Folly

Civic Hall

Chocks Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Cob Hill (H. Ware)

Collins Cove

Cove Property - Cove Hill (1910 Tax Book)

Cove Property (1918 Tax Book)

Cramer Cemetery

Cramer, Charles Mill

Cramer Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Cramer (Chalkley) General Store

Cramer (Charles) Saw & Grist Mill –Ives Branch- Previously Leek & French mill

Cramer Oyster House

Cramer's mill pond (Deed X2, p 480)

Cramer Mill pond & Wharf (Deed 287, p 124)

Cramer, George F. Place (1910 Tax Book)

Cranberry Point (Deed Z4, p 633)

Crew Neck (1918 Tax Book)

Crooked Reach (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Dan’s Bridge Road

Dan’s Island- See Biddle’s Island

Dans Thoroughfare (1918 Tax Book)

Daughters of Liberty

David’s Point

Deep Point (Ben Allen)

Doctors Point (1910 & 1918 Tax Book, Bisbee)

Double Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Driscoll, R. Place (1910 Tax Book)

Duck Pond, B.R. Producing Co. (1918 Tax Book)

Duck Pond - North of New Road (1910 Tax Book)

East Branch/Bass River (1918 Tax Book)

Eel Street

Evi branch- Wading River (Prop M2, p 288)

Falkinburg Branch- Bass River (Prop Q, p 100; 1918 Tax Book)

Fletcher's Pond

Fir Bridge

Fish Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Fish Factory- Great Bay

Fish River (See Bass River) Col Con, 1736, Bk R-2 p328, P Andrews to S Cramer

Fisheries (1910 Tax Book)

Floods Point (1918 Tax Book)

Forked Creek (Deed G2, p 204;1918 Tax Book)

Fox Path (Jim McAnney)

Foxborough meadows (Deed Q2, p 273)

Foxborough Thorofare (Deed T, p 270)

French Tract (1910 Tax Book)

French Cemetery

French Farm

French's mills (Deed P2, p 84)

French’s Mill- See Cramer, Charles Mill


Frogtown Schoolhouse

Garrett Farm

Gerew Neck (1910 Tax Book)

Gifford Farm (1910 Tax Book)

Godfrey's Bridge

Goose Pond (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Gosler’s Bogs

Gravlin Point (Ben Allen)

Gray’s (Frank & Bill) Dock (Ben Allen)

Gray's Oyster House (Jim McAnney)

Great Bay

Great Bridge Creek (Prop K, p 263)

Greenbush (Bisbee)

Grove, The (H. Ware)

Half Moon (1910 Tax Book)

Hall, George P. Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Halleck's Tavern (Bisbee)

Harmony (Bisbee)

Harrisville (1910 Tax Book, Bisbee)

Harris Station (Bisbee)

Hay Landing- Greenbush

Hay Landing- Bodine’s Field


Hickman’s Hill

Hickman Place, Joe (1910 Tax Book)

Hileman’s Dock, restuaurant & machine shop (Ben Allen)

Hillard Place (1910 Tax Book)

Hillside Cemetery

Iron Bridge (1910 Tax Book)

Ives Branch- Wading River (1918 Tax Book)

Ives Bridge on Mail Stage Road (Prop BB, p 211; Prop CC, p 139)

James Bellangees Road (Prop L, p 106)

Jay Branch- Wiles Creek- Wading River (Deed A2, p 430)

Jenkins Neck

Jersey Devil

Jobs Creek (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

John’s (Martin) Diner

John Budd line (Prop H, p 516)

Judy’s Creek (Ben Allen)

Knights of Pythias Hall

Landing Creek (Col Con, Bk R-2p328, 1736; 1918 Tax Book)

Larry's Dock (Jim McAnney)

Leeds, John Creek (Ben Allen)

Leeks, Samuel, Mill (Prop X, p 103)

Leeks Saw Mill (Prop R, p 69)

Leek Tract (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Leek’s Wharf

Leek’s Mill- See Cramer, Charles Mill

Leektown (Bisbee)

Leepa Farm

Little Plains

Log Creek (Jim McAnney)

Long Ditch (Ben Allen)

Long Reach (1920 &1918 Tax Book)

Lovelands Thickets (1910 Tax Book)

Loveland’s Thoroughfare (1918 Tax Book)

Lucas's Branch (Bass River)- Prop ?, p 181

Macaja Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Mail Stage Road (Prop CC, p 139)

Malangees Creek (1910 Tax Book)

Martha Furnace (Bisbee)

Mathis Brothers Store

Mathis's Landing Place- Wading River east of Wide Place (Prop ?, p 383)

Mathis, Roy - Oyster House (Jim McAnney)

Mathis Thorofare: N 39 d 34.180' W 74 d 26.105' Connects Broad Creek to Ballanger's Creek. (Bob Mathis)


Mathistown Creek

Mathistown Methodist Episcopal Church (Deed D10, p86 & 288)

Mathistown fulling mill (Blackman, p 335)

Mathistown Saw Mill (Blackman, p 231)

Mathistown Schoolhouse


McKeen Hotel

Meadow Road - The part of Rt. 9 that went from the upland to the old Iron Bridge. Cut off by the Parkway and now partly dug up for it's gravel. (Bob Mathis)

Merrygold (Bisbee)

Merrygold Branch- Wading River (Bisbee)

Merrygold Estates

Merrigold Swamp (1910 Tax Book)

Methodist Church, New Gretna

Mill Creek- Bass River (Prop M-1, p 83)

Mill Pond Branch (1910 Tax Book)

Miller Cemetery (Blackman, p 304)

Millie Place (1910 Tax Book)

Mink Path - New Road (H. Ware)

Moon Beam (Ben Allen)

Moorey Place (1910 Tax Book)

Morgan’s Bridge (Ben Allen)

Mullica River (Bisbee)

Mullica River Bridge

Munion Field (Bisbee)

Neck Point (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

New Gretna (Bisbee)

New Gretna House

New Gretna School

Nichols' Bog (Jim McAnney)

Oak Island (1910 Tax Book, Bisbee)- See Biddle’s Island

Oak Island Creek (Ben Allen)

Old Home Society, New Gretna

Old Place (1910 Tax Book)

Old New York Road

Off Shore Manor

Oswego Lake (Bisbee)

Oswego Mill- (Prop R, p 69)

Oswego Pond (Bisbee)

Otto Pond (1918 Tax Book)

Owl’s Roost (Nest)

Oyster Bed Point: N 39 d 32.228' W 74 d 24.615' South side of the mouth of the Mullica River. (Bob Mathis)

Page Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Pancoast Saw Mill (Prop M2, p 251)

Peach Farm (Ben Allen)

Penn State Forest

Pepperage (1918 Tax Book)

Peperage Swamp (Prop H, p 516; 1910 Tax Book)

Perch Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Perkins Place (1910 Tax Book)

Perry Place (H. Ware)

Philip Field (1910 Tax Book)

Pierce Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Pine Bridge- over E branch of Bass River (Prop S, p 260)

Plain Branch (1918 Tax Book)

Polestone Property (1910 Tax Book)

Point Farm (Blackman, p 231)

Post Offices- Bass River, Wading River & New Gretna

Presbyterian Church, New Gretna

Prince Place

Quaker Meeting House-Bass River Neck

Quaker Meeting House-Bridgeport

Ranault Wine Bottle

Red Bank – Wading River(Prop M2, p 251; Deed E-10, p 50)

Red Tavern (Bisbee) (Blackman, p 397)

Ridgway line (Prop L, p 106)

Robbin's, Dow - Oyster House (Jim McAnney)

Rock Point (1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Rock Point fisheries (Deed V2, p 495)

Roland Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Rot Gut Cove: N 39 d 32.926' W 74 d 23.804' Cove east of Turtle Island in mouth of Mullica River. (Bob Mathis)

Round About (1918 Tax Book)

Route 4

Rum Hollow

Savagon Swamp (1910 Tax Book)

Saw Mill branch-Bass River (Prop M2, p 276)

Schofield Meadows (1910 Tax Book)

Sears Branch- East branch of Bass River (Prop S, p 260)

Sear's corner

Sears Tract (1910 Tax Book)

Shaven Causeway

Sheeps Head Creek (Deed T, p270)

Sherman's Corner

Sim Place (1910 Tax Book & Bisbee)

Sooy, Sallie Meadow (1910 Tax Book)

Sooy Tract, T.C. (1910 Tax Book)

Specks Swamp (1910 Tax Book)

Squab Hill (Hickman's Hill)

Squab Hill School House

Stage Road

Steam Shovel

Stone Hill Neck (1910 & 1918 Tax Book, Deed 348,p 408)

Stone Point Meadow (1910 Tax Book)

Stone Quarry (Deed Z4, p 633; 1910 & 1918 Tax Book)

Stone Quarry Neck (Deed Z4, p 633)

Stores swamp (Prop K, p 263)

Story’s swamp

Swamp Creek (1918 Tax Book)

Swan Bay

Swimming Over Point (Bisbee)

Taggart-McKeen Shipping- Bridgeport

Thomas Ridgways Old Rail Path (Prop Q, p 100)

Tide Pond (1910 Tax Book)

Tidepond Neck (1918 Tax Book)

Tommy's Dock (Jim McAnney)

Town Hall Corporation

Township Dock (at foot of Miller’s Lane)- Ben Allen

Tub Mill Run (Bisbee)

Tub Mill Swamp (1910 Tax Book)

Tuckerton Stage Road

Turtle Creek Neck (Prop N, p 261)

Turtle Island: N 39 d 32.757' W 74 d 24.111' In the mouth of the Mullica River. (Bob Mathis)

Union Hill

Union Hill School

Vinegar Hill (Ben Allen)

Waden river (Deed Z2, p 252)

Wading Pines Campground

Wading River (Bisbee)

Wading River Bridge

Wharton State Forest

White Oak Inn- Crowley Place (1910 Tax Book)

Wide Place (Broad Place)- Deed L, p478


Willis Creek (Deed F2, p 45) – Ives Branch

Willets Creek (Deed I-3, p 225)- Ives Branch

Wilson, C.P. Tract (1910 Tax Book)

World's End Creek (Jim McAnney)





  2. I'm not sure if I sccurately understand the request but one place in NG I do not see in the list is the Leepa farm.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  3. Beverly,

    You seem to understand it fine. The Leepa Farm is a good addition to the list. I've added it above.

    Thank you.

    Pete S

  4. I got the following Place Names from Jim McAnney at this morning's men's breakfast. I've added them to the list above.

    Pete S

    Bisquit's Ditch
    Blue Goose Pond
    Fox Path
    Gray's Oyster House
    Iron Bridge
    Larry's Dock
    Log Creek
    Mathis, Roy - Oyster House
    Nichols' Bog
    Robbin's, Dow - Oyster House
    Rum Hollow
    Tommy's Dock
    World's End Creek

  5. Pete

    Meadow Road - The part of Rt. 9 that went from the upland to the old Iron Bridge. Cut off by the Parkway and now partly dug up for it's gravel.

    Bob Mathis

    Thanks, Bob. I added it to the list above.

    Pete S