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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bass River Civil War Draftees

From time to time I get requests from a few local Civil War buffs to publish information regarding Bass River residents who served in the Civil War. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information on that topic; however, this past week I came across a transcription of an April 8, 1865 article from the Mount Holly Herald which listed Bass River residents who were drafted into the Union Army. I don't know who on the list actually served.

I thought it might be interesting to identify relatives of our present Blog readers who may be on the list. I would appreciate hearing from anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere who has a relative listed below and how they are related to you. An added bonus would be if you have a story or photo of your Civil War relative.

Hope to hear from someone.

Pete S

The Draft, for Burlington County,

commenced in Trenton, on Thursday,

with the following results:

BASS RIVER- Enrolled 125 - Deficiency, 27 - Drawn, 54

Edward Adams

John Killpatrick

Benjamin M. Butler

Jesse Mathews

William T. Leek

William C. Allen

William H. Mathews

Hezikiah Adams

Sylvester Mathis

Charles D. Loveland

Wm. Darby, son of John

Oliver B. Loveland

James R. Adams

Levi M. French

Franklin B. Adams

Robert Mathis

W. H. Shimp

James D. Cramer

Elisha M. Sears

Caleb J. Mathis, son of Zebulon

Clarkson Algar

William Cramer, son of Darius

William N. French

Levi French

George W. Patterson

Adolphus Lamson

James W. Cavileer

Samuel Mathis

Micajah Mathis

Samuel F. Sooy

James Adams

Marmaduke Cramer

William M. Cale

Theodore F. Adams, son of David

Job Gasakill

Charles F. Cale

Samuel Albertson

James Kaywood

James I. Loveland

William A. Cramer

William Lamb

William Prince

Joseph H. Leek

Henry Howell

Josiah C. Sears

Benjamin Headley

Edghar Butler

Caleb W. Allen

John Hennealy

John F. Cramer

James M. Darby

Abrahem Prince

Henry P.S. Loveland

Joseph B. Allen

(Mount Holly Herald - 4/8/1865)


  1. Pete,

    I doubt that any of the list served, since Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865.

    John Allen

  2. I am a direct descendant of several of those named. e.g. Elisha (Elihu) M. Sears, and Micajah Mathis, for starters. I'm also tied in to the Leeks, and Cramers. As to whether any served because of the date this was published, I think it depends what the published list actually was. Was it a "current" callup? Or a "retroactive" list of those called up? Is there a way to tell from the article? Even if retroactive, I understand it was a common practice to pay someone to serve for you, if you had the means to do that. This is one thread that I have on my eventual to do list. That is, finding out if any of my ancestors served in the Civil War.

  3. The so-called "tall" Allens were sailors. David Allen had 6 sons, most in the right age bracket to have served in the civil war.
    Isaiah,28 in 1860
    William, 22
    Theodore, 20 (noted in Pete's Tall Allen genealogy as trading in both New York and Southern ports)
    Edward, 17
    Samuel, 13
    David W., 10

    all except the Davids potentially were involved.

    question for Pete: What was the source of the Theodore quote?

    John Allen

  4. My Grandmother's father was named Edward Page Adams and he would be about the right age but he lived in Atlantic county, so, I don't know if this is the same person.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson