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Friday, April 10, 2009

New Gretna Wedding Alert

The Blog is issuing a WEDDING ALERT as a public service to our readers with roots in New Gretna. Seems that Rev. P. W. Bilderback's credentials to perform legal weddings were in question in the late 1880's as evidenced by the following July 16, 1887 article from the Philadelphia Record. Rev. Bilderback was the pastor in the New Gretna Methodist Church in 1886 and 1887. He returned in 1913 and 1914.

Philadelphia Record - July, 16, 1887

Hopefully, the situation was straightened out; however, I could find no confirmation of it's resolution. Meanwhile, you may want to check out you grandparents or great grandparents wedding certificate to see if they were married by Rev. Bilderback in the late 1880's. If they were, it would make an interesting footnote to your familiy tree.

It just goes to show you that things were never dull in good old New Gretna.

Pete S

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