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Monday, April 20, 2009

4 Generations in the Bartlett Family

Just a few days ago I posted a 4 Generation Allen photo and said that it's the first 4 generation photo that I had seen with only men. Last Friday I was at a New Gretna Friendly Senior's luncheon (Yes, I finally have to admit that I am a senior citizen.) at the New Gretna Presbyterian Church where Georgine Bartlett gave me two 4 Generation photos involving Bartlett men. So, now I have multiple men's 4 generation photos. How exciting!

Georgine, born in New Gretna, is the first child of  Walter and Alice Shropshire Mathis. She has two brothers, Robert and Elvin. All three still live on Allentown Road, now called North Maple Avenue.

Georgine Mathis, shown above as a young teenager, grew up on Allentown Road in New Gretna. (Photo courtesy of Murray and Jean Shropshire Mathis.)

Georgine and her brothers, (l-r) Bob and Elvin. (Photo courtesy of Robert and Elaine Mathis.)

Georgine had a normal New Gretna childhood, including birthday parties that were reported in the New Gretna Local News section of the Tuckerton Beacon.

The Beacon's account of Georgine's 14th birthday party gives us a glimpse of Georgine's family and childhood friends, some of whom still live in New Gretna today. I wonder if they remember the party. POP QUIZ: Which person who attended Georgine's party was a teacher in the New Gretna Grade School?  (Tuckerton Beacon - June 7, 1945.)

Georgine met Walt Bartlett, from West Creek, at Tuckerton High School. After a proper period of courting, they were engaged, in September 1950. 

Tuckerton Beacon - September 28, 1950

Wedding bells followed on March 24, 1951 when Georgine Mathis and Walter Bartlett tied the knot at a ceremony in the New Gretna Presbyterian Church.

(Photo courtesy of Murray and Jean Shropshire Harris.)

The Tuckerton Beacon announced the birth of their first child, Edward Walter Bartlett, on April 17, 1952.

(Tuckerton Beacon - April 24, 1952)

All of the above lead us to the following two 4 generation photos of the Walter Bartlett family. Both photos involve Walt and Georgine's son, Edward. The first involves Edward's son Robert and his two children. The second shows his son, Raymond, and his son. That makes Walt and Georgine great grandparents. Wow, and they look so young!

(l-r) Walter, Edward, and Robert Bartlett in December, 2002. Robert's children, Jacob & Emily, are in front. (Photo courtesy of Georgine Mathis Bartlett.)

(l-r) Walter, Edward, Raymond & baby Andrew in December, 2002. (Photo courtesy of Georgine Mathis Bartlett.)

One of the reasons that I enjoy 4 generation photos is that they lead to collecting interesting facts and incidences regarding the subjects. The fun is in the hunt. You never know where it will lead, as Georgine found out in today's Blog entry.  See what came from the two 4 generation photos she passed on to me. I hope both she and you enjoyed today's Blog journey.

Pete S


  1. Well, let's see. I went to NG elementary in 1945 and my teacher was a Miss Shropshire but I have no idea of her first name. Of course, there were two other teachers there at that time. Miss S. taught kindergarten, first and second grade. The principal taught fifth and sixth and another teacher third and fourth. Any help here with names and which one was the attendee at the party?
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Beverly,

    Mrs. Shropshire was Minnie Shropshire, Walter Mathis' sister, and Georgine's aunt. It was Miss S who you reported as teaching K-2 grades who attended the party. Let's see if anyone out there can give her full name and identify the principal who taught 5-6 grades. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your classmates are reading this. Wonder if they remember you?

    Pete S

  3. Pete: I don't pretend to be a classmate but teachers don't change to often in the NG school system. The answer is Miss Elsie Smith

  4. I think there is a small misunderstanding-my fault-on the identity of "Miss. S." In trying to abbreviate my message, I used that to mean Miss Shropshire. She was the K-2 teacher when I was a student at NG Elementary. Apparently she did not attend the party. So, to set things straight, what grades did Miss Smith teach.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  5. Elsie Smith taught 6th 7th, and 8th grades at Nrw Gretna School, I know, she was my teacher

  6. There was another Miss S at the New Gretna school. Mrs. Spaeth, who taught grades 3,4, and 5. Around 1948 thru 1951.


  7. Wow! They must have changed things a lot after I was there. When I attended NG Elementary, it was K-6. One teacher taught K-2, another 3-4 grades, and the principal 5-6 grades.
    Did anyone here remember attending the Bible classes taught after school, probably once a week, using a felt board. This was done in the 3-4 grade teacher's classroom.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  8. I remember When I was there it was Elice Harrison and Joy mcKay. Theycame from the yWCA in Atlantic City