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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Allens - a 4 Generation Photo

About a month ago we were discussing 3rd and 4th generation family photos, and I encouraged our Blog readers to send some in.

Yesterday I received a 4 Generation family photo from John Allen, the oldest son of Earl and Sally Allen. Earl has New Gretna roots, being the son of Leslie and Iantha Allen who lived on Adams Avenue.

Les Allen standing on the porch of the Adams Avenue home where Earl Allen was raised. (Photo courtesy of Earl and Sally Allen.)

Les Allen was a familiar site at Allen's Dock where he kept his party boat, the Alpat, docked for many years. Les is in the middle. Can anyone identify the other two fishermen? (Photo courtesy of Alston and Claire Allen.)

A 1953 photo of Earl and Sally Allen with their children (l-r) John, Noreen, and Leslie. It was John who sent in the 4 Generation Allen photo. Come on, Noreen, smile! (Photo courtesy of Earl and Sally Allen.)

Sally Allen with the three kids: (l-r) Noreen, Les, and John. And Noreen is actually smiling! Sorry, I don't know the dog's name. (Photo courtesy of Earl and Sally Allen.)

The 4 Generation photo from John, below, shows four generations of the Allen family.

(l-r) 1st generation- Sally Stiles Allen; 2nd generation- Noreen Allen Clark, Sally's daughter and John's sister; 3rd generation- John's daughter, Merritt Elizabeth Allen Tollison; and 4th generation- John's granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Tollison. (December, 2008 photo courtesy of John Allen.)

I certainly enjoyed seeing another 4th Generation photo involving an extended New Gretna family and encourage everyone out there in the Bog-o-Sphere to keep looking through your family photos and send in any 3rd and 4th generation photo that you may find.

Pete S


  1. Hi Pete: Unless the "costume" worn by the person on the left was common, it looks like my grandfather Boot Mathis. Every picture I have of him dressed casually looks like that. I took the picture into a program where I could enlarge it but it was too fuzzy to really tell. Thanks
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. I thought it looked like old "Booter" also.

  3. Pete,

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

    Couple of comments:

    I found a deed showing that Capn Les and Ientha bought the Adams Ave house in 1936. So my dad must have been about 13 when they moved there. In the 1930 census, they lived further down North Maple near my great grandfather (Keever).

    On ALPAT, that's my dad (Earl) on the right. Must have been mid 60's. I remember that he spent some time working on the engines then.

    The 1953 picture was Christmas time in Kaufburen, Germany.

    The later one was taken in a photo studio in Pleasantville for Dad, who was in Korea at the time. The dog is Daisey.