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Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 Generation Allen Men's Photo

The Blog published a 4 generation photo of the Earl and Sally Allen family last Wednesday, April 8th. Earl and Sally's daughter, Noreen, was in the photo. That photo sparked a memory in Noreen's mind, and she rummaged through some old family photos, looking for a 4 Generation photo of the Allen men in her family: her grandfather Les; her father, Earl; her brother Les; and her nephew, Christopher. I was happy to receive the photo, as it is the only 4 generation photo that I have seen which includes only men. Let's hear it for the guys! 

Right- Les Allen; Left- Earl Allen, Les' son; Center- Les Allen, Earl's son, holding his son, Christopher. (1972 photo courtesy of Noreen Allen Clark,)

We also had a photo on the April 8th Blog of Les Allen on his party boat, the Alpat, with Booter Mathis and his son, Earl.  Here's a few more photos of Les Allen on some fishing runs. Perhaps some of you old salts out there can help me identify some of the people in the photos. I don't know whether they are from New Gretna or out of the area folks who Les took out for the day. I'll number the photos for easier reference.

Photo #1

Photo #2 
Photo #3

Here is a much younger Les Allen, clearly not on the Alpat. Anyone out there who might know the boat Les is piloting? Photo #4

By the way, I wonder how the Alpat got her name?

Lastly, I thought I'd throw in a photo of Les and his grandaughter, Noreen, as it was Noreen who sent in the 4 generation Allen men's photo. Nice smile, Noreen!

Les Allen and his grandaughter, Noreen, in 1968. I believe the photo was taken in the driveway of Les and Iantha Allen's house on Adams Avenue in New Gretna, but I could use some confirmation from someone out there. (Photo courtesy of Earl and Sally Allen.)

Pete S


  1. You're right Pete, my dad took the picture of my Pop Pop and me in the driveway of the Allen house on Adams Avenue in New Gretna. Noreen

  2. The boat's name Alpat sounds like a combination of two names ie: Al and Pat. Now Al who and Pat who is another matter!
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  3. ALPAT - An acronym. Allen-Leslie-Phoebie, dont know about the AT on the end. My old buddy Carl "DUDE" Allen told me long ago. Dude was one of Les' son. He couldn't remember the AT either. Ask Alston.

  4. I spoke to Alston about the ALPAT. He said that the boat was a combination of two names- AL for "Allen" and PAT which was the first name of the wife of an old client and good friend of Les, Walt Seifert who owned a dairy farm in Germantown, Pa. Les took Walt Seifert hunting and fishing for many years with Walt often staying in the Allen home when he was in New Gretna. A close friendship developed over the years.

    Pete S