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Saturday, February 28, 2009

THEN AND NOW - The Sam Allen House

We, often, take things for granted, believing that things will never change .  .  . that they will always remain the same. So, we go through our busy days, which quickly turn to weeks, months, and years, obliviously to much of our everyday surroundings. Then, suddenly one day, we look up and see that something is either gone or changed. Usually, that change is not for the better.

Such is the case with the Sam Allen house, located on North Maple Avenue, about 1.3 miles from the Route 9 intersection.

The Sam Allen house, circa 1929, was once an attractive, working farm house. (Photo courtesy of Franklin W. Gray.)

Samuel Allen and his wife, Lida Mae Adams, raised a large family in this house.

1- Sam; 2- Lida Mae, his wife, and their six children: 3- Everett; 4- Elizabeth; 5- Ada; 6- Grove; 7- Ida; and 8- baby Margaret. (Photo courtesy of Jean Allen Lainhart, Sam’s granddaughter.)

Sam was the first Superintendent of Bass River State Park in 1906 and served as a State Fire Warden for years. He and his family lovingly took care of their house and were a real asset to the community.

Sam Allen, circa 1914. 
(Photo courtesy of Jean Allen Lainhart, Sam’s granddaughter.)

The Sam Allen house as it looks now  .   .   . 

(February, 2007 photo by Pete Stemmer.)

Little by little, over the years the house deteriorated. It's a shame that no one cared enough about that old house to step in and restore the piece of Bass River history that the house and the Sam Allen family represent. I guess we're all just too busy.

Pete S

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