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Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Generation Family Photos

I've been immersed in Bass River history and genealogy for a little over 12 years. Those of you who have worked on your family tree know that a casual interest quickly is fanned by the  rush of the hunt. A hobby soon grows into an obsession and, pretty soon, you're ready for Genealogist's Anonymous.

Each hobby has it's milestones. Baseball has its Grand Slam and No Hitter, Golf its Hole In One, NASCAR its Indianapolis 500 Trophy,  Football its Super Bowl victory, and Genealogy its Five Generation Photo. In each of these endeavors, it just doesn't get any better. When the ultimate goal is attained, the adrenaline rush is unmistakable.

Well, in my serendipitous journey through dozens of family photo albums and thousands of loose photos, I have reached the ultimate, the Five Generations Photo, only twice  .   .   .   with the Loveland-McAnney-Percy and the Allen-Mathis-Peer families. I thought I would share these photos with you, today.


FIVE GENERATIONS: 1- Leah McAnney (1878-1969) married Isaac Loveland (1869-1935) and had son, Daniel. 2- Daniel Loveland (1899-1991) married Myrtle Greenlaw and had daughter, Doris Loveland. 3- Doris Loveland (1928-1973) married Walter McAnney (1920-2001) and had daughter, Betty McAnney. 4- Betty McAnney married Walter Percy and had son, Walter Percy III. 5- Walter Percy III. (1966 photo courtesy of Michelle Taryani.)


FIVE GENERATIONS: 1- Louisa Allen Wiseman (1843-1938) married John Allen and had daughter, Ida. She later married Joshua Wiseman after John died. 2- Ida Allen Mathis French (1869-1930) married John Oliphant Mathis (born 1861) and had son, Eugene. She married Suwarrow French after John died. 3- Eugene "Booter" Mathis (1880-1970) married Estella Adams and had daughter, Della. He married Maybelle Cramer later in life. 4- Della Mathis (1909-1996) married Walter Peer and had daughter, Estella Peer (born 1930). 5- baby Estella Peer. (1930 photo from Eugenia Mathis MaGee and Beverly Mathis Robinson.)

I'm always looking for more generational family photos and would appreciate anyone who may have one or more contacting me here at the Blog. I'm really not expecting any rare 5 generational family photos, but some of you may have 3 or 4 generational New Gretna family photos. They would be appreciated. I'll post any that you send via email.

Pete S


  1. Pete,

    You had asked for the name of Danny Loveland's wife. It was Myrtle, although everyone called her mert. They had one daughter, named Doris. Danny and Mert were separated soon after Doris was born, and Danny's mother, Leah Ann, raised her. Leah Ann was a McAnny from Wading River.

    A little side bar - Danny and old Tater Cramer went on a trip as deck hands or crew men on one of the bunkerboats operating out of Crab Island, the old fish factory. They went ashore in Florida where both met their future wives who were sisters and native Floridians, Mert and Anna.

    Don Maxwell

  2. Pete,

    I got to thinking I may be wrong about how Myrtle met Danny Loveland. I don't think he went on a bunker boat or fishing trip. I think it may have been just Tater Cramer who met his future wife Anna, and then her sister Myrtle may have come north to New Gretna with her sister. I am not sure.

    Another thing you say in your Loveland blog about Danny Loveland being the only child of Leah and Issac Loveland. Danny had a sister, Ann, who married a Parker from Tuckerton, and they had a daughter Donelda Parker who married Bob Kalch from Manahawkin.

    Don Maxwell


    Thanks for the correction on how Danny Loveland met Myrtle Greenlaw.

    Also, you are correct about Danny having a younger sister, Anna. She married Melville Parker from Tuckerton on 12/24/1922. I didn't mean to imply that Danny Loveland was an only child. I only mentioned him as Leah's son in the caption, as he was in the photo. Perhaps, I could have better chosen my words. Sorry about that.

    I have a photo of Anna holding her daughter, Donelda, and a wedding photo of Donelda and Bob Kalsch. I can post them, if there is any interest.

    Pete S

  3. Pete; The dates you have for Doris Loveland appear to be incorrect. I doubt if she was born in 1912. I was born in 1926 and she always appeared younger than I.

    Clif Brown

  4. Clif,

    You are correct about an error in Doris Loveland's birth year. She was born in 1928 which would make her two years younger than you.
    I corrected the mistake in the Blog entry.


    Pete S

    1. Michelle Jantelle - Daughter ofDecember 29, 2016 at 12:11 PM

      Doris Loveland
      Born 1/2/1928 Died 12/24/1981

  5. Please see following re Della (Mathis) Peer.

    Sincerely, Stan Myers

  6. Stan: I tried to see the addy you posted but was unable to open it. Is there another site or addy? Thanks
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  7. Stan: Never mind, I got it. I just went to the findagrave site, entered her name and the number and that got the information. Thanks again.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson
    PS. The only thing I am unhappy about is the site owner's taking credit for the photo. I'm going to take that up with him.

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