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Monday, March 2, 2009

3 and 4 Generation Family Photos

I posted a couple of 5 Generation Family photos, on Monday, February 16th, and asked Blog readers to send me any 3 or 4 Generation New Gretna family photos that they had, so that I could share them with you all. I received the following photos from Beverly Mathis Robinson. She is the granddaughter of Eugene "Booter" and Estrella Mathis, so naturally the photos are about that family. Hope you enjoy them.

For those of you who are interested in Bass River nicknames, tradition says that Eugene was called "Booter" because he had a pair of red cowboy boots when he was little. He loved those boots so much that he wore them all the time; hence, the nickname "Booter." Estella, being "Booter's" wife, was called "Stella Boot." 

If you are interested in the evolution of Bass River nicknames, click the following link to go to the October, 1998 issue of theBass River Gazette and read the page 4+ article on "Bass River Nicknames" by Almira Cramer Steele. It's my all time favorite Gazette article. 


THREE GENERATIONS: 1st Generation - (8) Suwarrow French, Booter's step-father; and his wife (9) Ida Mathis French, Booter's mother. 2nd Generation - (1) Eugene "Booter" Mathis and his wife, (2) Estella Mathis. 3rd Generation - (10) Elizabeth French, Swarrow and Ida's daughter; and Booter and Stella Boot's children- (3) Della Mathis, (4) Jack Mathis, and (5) Eugenia Mathis. (6) Jim Cramer and his wife, (7) Lottie Cramer are also in the photo. [Photo courtesy of Beverly Mathis Robinson.]

Eugene and Estella Mathis lived on Oak Avenue which runs off Frenches Lane, parallel to Rt 9. The house has been enlarged somewhat since Booter moved out and a second story has been added. 

Booter and Stella Boot's house on Oak Avenue has been extensively renovationed over the years. (March 3, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.)


FOUR GENERATIONS: (1) Eugenia Mathis Magee, Booter's daughter; (2) Williard Magee, Eugenia's husband; (3) Julia Mathis DeCristofaro, Booter's daughter; (4) Joseph DeCristofaro, Julia's husband; (5) Harry Lee Long, Pauline's husband; (6) Eugene "Booter" Mathis,  (7) Estella"Stella Boot" Mathis (8) Pauline Mathis Long, Booter's daughter,  holding her daughter, Barbara Lee Long; (9) John Edward Mathis, Booter's son; (10) Della Mathis Peer, -Booter's daughter; (11) Phyllis Jean Long, Pauline's daughter; (12) Beverly Mathis, Pauline's daughter, (13) Margaret (Peggy) Magee, Eugenia and Willard MaGee's daughter, holding her brother, William Magee. [Photo courtesy of Beverly Mathis MaGee.]


3 GENERATIONS: 1st Generation - (5) Booter Mathis. 2nd Generation - (3) Della Mathis Peer, Booter's daughter, and her husband, (1) Walter Peer. 3rd Generation - (4) Walter Peer, Jr., his wife, (2) Ruby Peer, and (6) Stella Peer, Walter Peer, Jr.'s sister. 4th Generation - (7) & (8) are children of Walter Peer, Jr. and his wife, Ruby. (Photo courtesy of Beverly Mathis Robinson.)

I want to thank Beverly for sending me these precious family photos. They illustrate the importance of extended families in Bass River's history.

Pete S


  1. Hi Pete: Thank you so much for showing the photographs of my family. There is one small mistake in the four generation pic. Peggy (Margaret) Magee is shown holding her BROTHER William not her son. At that time Peggy was only about 10 or 11 years old. I know it is hard to see her. She is only 11 months older than I am so you can see the "problem". I am amazed you got the rest correct as it is a complicated photo. Thanks again.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Beverly,

    Thanks for the correction. I've made it in the photo caption.

    Pete S

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