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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Return To John's Diner

I'm having a scanner problem, so I won't be able to post the last installment of Appleby Estates until it is resolved.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd see if anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere can identify the two waitresses in the John's Diner photo (see below) that I just came across. I'll give you a hint. The brother of one of the girls occasionally writes in to the Blog with some old New Gretna stories. 

Click on the photo to go to a previous John's Diner Blog post.

I don't have any prize for the first person to correctly identify the two New Gretna girls, as the Blog is a low budget operation. Just knowing that you are first will have to be reward enough. Let's hear from you!

Pete S


  1. Could one girl be Joyce Maxwell?

  2. Phyllis,

    Yes, Joyce Maxwell is on the right with Janet Allen on the left. Joyce was Donald Maxwell's sister.

    Pete S

  3. Thank you, amazing job! This was the information I required.

  4. Thanks for the post. I had been looking for something related and found your web site in the process.. I will definitely be back for more.

  5. I am looking to find Aaron Mathis, that was married to the late Martha and was involved with the creation of the OnStage theatre group in Franklin Lakes, NJ in 1974. We are planning a reunion.
    Please contact me if you have any information.
    OnStage, Inc.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics of these beautiful birds! It sounds like you had some great family time with your kids and made a great memory.