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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ronald Lewis Mathis' New Gretna-Tuckerton Ancestors

I got an email from Anonymous requesting information linking Ronald Lewis Mathis, who died in Toms River, NJ in 2003, to the Mathis family in the New Gretna-Tuckerton area.

I found the following information in Jean and Murray Harris' book, "The Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor". They trace Ronald Lewis Mathis, the son of Byron Everett Mathis, back to the Great John Mathis, the first permanent settler in Bass River. The four digit numbers in the Harris text are family reference numbers to help readers navigate through the book.

Pete S

2110. Byron Everett /Barney Mathis, son of Samuel L. (2071) and Ada (McCambridge) Mathis, born November 1913 in New Gretna, died January 3, 1956, married (a) Mary T.---, and married (b) March 9, 1937 Julia Harriet Margaret Linder, a widow and daughter of Frederick and Julia (Newman) Linder, born in Tuckerton in 1916. In 1937 Byron was a coast guardsman. Children:

i Harold
ii Ronald
iii Keith

2071. Samuel L. Mathis, son of Joseph K. (2033) and Loudella (Adams) Mathis, born January 19, 1890, died July 19, 1936, married Ada McCambridge, born May 4, 1889, died July 16, 1980. Samuel was an oyster watchman.They are buried in Miller Cemetery, New Gretna. Children:
i Wilbert Samuel, married H. Mildred Marshall
ii Byron /Barney E. (2110), married Julia M.---
2033. Joseph Kirkbride Mathis, son of Phineas K.(2016) and Mary Ann (Cramer) Mathis, born December 29, 1849, died February 15, 1928, married December 24, 1876 in Atlantic County (a) Sarah /Sallie Eliza Wilson, daughter of Asa and Sarah Wilson born June 4, 1853, died March 19, 1891 and (b) Loudella Adams, born 29 August 1873, died January 16, 1940, daughter of Hezekiah and Sarah A.(Berry) Adams, who later married Samuel F. Cramer. Joseph was an oyster planter. Sallie and Joseph are buried in Miller Cemetery, New Gretna. The first six children are Sallie's
i Harry Clinton, married Emily H. (Johnson) Reed
ii Winfield S., born July 25, 1880, died July July 19, 1882, buried Miller Cemetery
iii Curtis Wilson, married Elizabeth ---
iv Augusta/Gussie, born September 1883,worked in Absecon for John Cordery in 1900.
v Elizabeth
vi Richard, lived in Lewes, Delaware
vii Samuel L. (2071), married Ada McCambridge
viii Sarah, married --- Strickland
ix Joseph K. Jr. married Elizabeth Thomas
2016. Phineas Kirkbride Mathis, son of Aaron (2007) and Margery (Kirkbride) Mathis, born 1819, died February 9, 1885, married Mary Ann Cramer, daughter of Joseph B. and Mary Ann (Mathis) (2014) Cramer, born 1826, died 1866. They are buried in Miller Cemetery, New Gretna. Children:

i Caleb, born 1843, died 1847, buried Miller Cemetery
ii Samuel, born 1845, died 1848, buried Miller Cemetery
iii Joseph Kirkbride (2033), married Sarah Wilson
iv Sarah E., born 1851, died June 14, 1929 married Amasa E. Mathis
v Mary E., born 1853, married Charles Goldecker son of Charles and Catherine Goldecker and moved to the Oklahoma Territory
vi Georgianna, married Joseph LeMunyon
vii Enoch, born October 27, 1856
viii Lavinia, married Jarvis Gerew.
ix John O., married Ida E. Allen
x Elizabeth, married --- Gifford
xi George, married Mary Griffey
xii Ophelia

2007. Aaron Mathis, son of Daniel (2002) and Phoebe (Smith) Mathis, born 1790, died June 28, 1851, married May 19, 1814 Margery Kirkbride, daughter of Phineas and Martha (Rogers) Kirkbride, born 1790, died January 28, 1851. They are buried in Miller Cemetery, New Gretna. Children:
i Daniel M., married Rachel W.Gifford
ii Phineas Kirkbride (2016), married Mary Ann Cramer
iii Enoch, born October 3, 1826, died November 5 1895, unmarried, buried Miller Cemetery.
iv Phoebe, married (a) Thomas Cartright and (b) John P.Leek
v John O., married Elizabeth O.Sears
vi George W., married Abigail Mathis (1008)
vii Aaron Jr., married (a) Zelphy Anderson and (b) Esther A.Rake
viii Marjorie, married Lemuel R.Adams
ix Martha Kirkbride, born December 15, 1815, died December 29, 1872, married Jauary 18, 1840 Samuel Oliphant Shinn, born January 27, 1804
x Leah
xi Esther married Joseph Church, no children
xii Elizabeth married Jerry Church

2002. Daniel Mathis, son of Job (2001) and Phoebe (Leek) Mathis, born July 21, 1761, died March 10, 1836, married 1786, Phoebe Smith, daughter of Micajah and Sara (Owen) Smith of Port Republic, born June 30, 1764, died September 1, 1836. They are buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Tuckerton. Children:
i Owen Mary, married Jonas Miller
iii Sarah, married James Downs
iv Aaron (2007), married Margery Kirkbride
v Leah
vi Micajah Smith, married Nancy (Gamage) Mathis
vii Daniel Jr., married Elizabeth White
viii Phoebe S., married Captain William French
ix Anna Maria, married Francis French

2001. Job Mathis, son of John and Alice (Andrews) Mathis, born May 13, 1719, died 1771, married May 15, 1760 Phoebe Leek, daughter of John and Phoebe (Deviney) Leek. He is buried at the Tuckerton Friends Meeting House with no stone. Children:
i Daniel (2002), married Phoebe Smith
ii Enoch, married Nancy Gamage
iii Phoebe, married John Forman
iv Mary

1000 John Mathis, or Mathews, is said to have emigrated from Wales to Oyster Bay, Long Island around 1700. According to one family tradition his birthplace in Wales was Merthyr Tydfil. There are early colonial deeds to show that he accumulated property near the village of New Gretna. By 1714 he had moved to an island along the Bass River. In 1716 John married Alice (Andrews) Higbee, the daughter of Mordecai and Mary Andrews, and the widow of John Higbee. Some sources list Edward Andrews as her father, but reference to the will of Mordecai Andrews shows that she was, in fact, the daughter of Edward's elder brother Mordecai. John Mathis died October 23, 1779 and is buried beside the Friends Meeting at Tuckerton. John and Alice had seven children, as follows:
i Micajah, married Mercy Shreve
ii Job (2001), married Phoebe Leek
iii Sarah, married (a) Marmaduke Coate (b)John Leeds
iv Daniel, married Sophia Gauntt
v Jeremiah, married Hannah Andrews
vi Nehemiah, married Elizabeth Cramer
vii Eli, married Phoebe Devinney

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