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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1871 Voter Registrations: A-D

I got the following email from Don Maxwell requesting that I post the remainder of the 1871 Bass River Registered Voters List. I'll do so over the next few days.


Please continue with the 1871 voting list from Bass River Township. It is most interesting. I noted my great grandfather, Edward Allen, registered as a democrat, and I always understood him to be Republican. In fact, nearly if not all the Allen's in New Gretna in my day there were hard core Republicans. Well, I guess anyone can change over time.

Don Maxwell

I have already posted one page of the "A'" pages showing the Allens, the "S's" pages showing the Sears, and the "M" pages for Beverly Mathis Robinson, so I won't duplicate them. Today's postings are the "A's" through the "D's". Hope you enjoy them, Donald!

Pete S

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