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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Gretna Class of 1956

Elaine Mathis has been on a quest to identify each of the students in the 1956 graduation photo from the New Gretna Grade School and believes she has finally succeeded.

New Gretna Graduating Class of 1956
(Photo courtesy of David Altscher)

Elaine sent me the following email identifying each of the students.

I believe that with the help of several people (Bob Mathis, Patty Wilson Groff, Robert Bergh and Dan Tozer. Also spoke with BettyJean Mathis over the phone) we now have the identity of the Class of 1956 Graduation.

The results:

Front Row L/R..(1) Bobby Smith, (2) Carole Sorocco, (3) Betty Wiseman, (4) Patty Wilson Groff, (5) Betty Jean Mathis, (6) Patty Cramer, (7) Patty L. Wilson, (8) Jean Cramer, (9) Shirley McNeil, (10) Diane Cunningham, (11) George White, (12) Robert Bergh.

Back Row L/R (1) George Cramer, (2) George Starsmere, (3) Jimmy Falkenburg, (4) John Longo, (5) Russell Seville, (6) Danny DeCamp, (7) Jim Belk, (8) Jack Mathis, (9) Woody Allen, (10) Billy Houck, (11) Gary Allen, (12) John Malloy, (13) Mike Allen, (14) Danny Bush.

Elaine Weber Mathis

Any one out in the Blog-O-Sphere who is in the photo or knew someone in the photo? Let's hear from you!

Pete S


  1. Pete,

    Is the photo 56 Or 58?

    John Allen

  2. John,

    That's a good question. Elaine claims it is 1956; however, I got the photo from David Altscher who claims it is 1958. Perhaps we can hear from David if he is lurking out in the Blog-O-Sphere or from Elaine who can tell us how she arrived at a 1956 date.

    Pete S

  3. OK, The date of the picture (1956) came to me by way of Patti Wilson Groff.
    There are several corrections that need to be made (as provided by Robert Bergh). Back Row: (1) George Cramer(2)Francis Cramer (3) Jim Falkenburg (4)Dennis Slagle (5)Russell Seville (6)Jim Belk (7)George Starsmere (8)Jack Mathis (9)Woody Allen (10)Billy Houck (11)Gary Allen (12)John Malloy (13)Mike Allen (14)?? Not Danny Bush. Robert Bergh said that Danny Bush was not in the picture. Sooo who is Back Row(14)?
    Elaine Weber Mathis

  4. Well, it looks like we have some problems to solve related to the New Gretna Graduation photo, both as to date and exactly who is in the photo. This history business is never easy. Hopefully, New Greta-ites out in the Blog-O-Sphere will pitch in to solve the problems, so let's hear from you.

    Pete S

  5. Pete There seems to be too many students in the photo for it to be just one class. Most classes were relatively small from what I can remember. Around 1958 the students in the 7th and 8th grade started attending Southern Regional. This photo may have been of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade. They all would have graduated from New Gretna that year.

    Jim McAnney

  6. Jim,

    Good point about the number of students. I'm leaning toward this graduation photo being from 1958 as I was originally told by David Altscher.


  7. Pete, I believe the picture is of the 6th, 7th and the 4 in front was the whole 8th grade. Danny Bush is in the picture, but Danny DeCamp is not. It was, as I recall, the last year those 3 grades attended the old New Gretna School. The following year we went on to be the first students at Southern Regional.

    Robert Bergh