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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bass River 1871 Registered Voters List

I came across a list of 1871 Bass River Registered Voters while going through a box of old deeds and surveys. It was compiled by the local Democratic Committee. I found it interesting, in that it listed the political party of each voter - Republican, Democrat, or Doubt. I guess "Doubt" means not sure. Perhaps that would correspond to our Independent, today.

The names are listed alphabetically by last name. There is usually one page for each letter in the alphabet; however, in some cases there are 2 or 3 pages, especially when the Cramers or Mathises were involved.

Below, I posted the two "S" pages as a sample, as my history buddy, John Yates, is related to the Sears family. Sunday and or holiday dinners in the Sears family must have had some interesting political discussions, as the family was pretty well split between Republicans, Democrats, and Doubt.

I also posted the "A" page that listed the Allens for Elaine Allen, one of my favorite Blog readers who is now living in Alabama with her son, Mike, and daughter-in-law, Helen. John Allen, up in New Hampshire, should also find it interesting as would his mom, Sally Allen, and her daughter, Noreen Clark, in Port Republic.

Sorry to report to Jim McAnney and Rickie "White Shoes" Steele, two friends and avid Blog readers, that the McAnneys and Steeles were not listed in the booklet. I don't believe the McAnney and Steele families were in New Gretna at that time. Bummer! However, both Jim and Rickie's maternal side of the family, the Cramer family, are well represented in the Voter Registration Booklet. Jim's mother, Margaret, and Rickie's mother, Almira, were both daughters of Doughty and Alberta Cramer who lived on Allentown Road, now North Maple Avenue.

I can't reproduce the entire booklet here at the Blog due to space restrictions; however I would be happy to post the page or pages related to your family if they were a Bass River registered voter in 1871. Want to see the political affiliation of your ancestors? Just drop me a request in the comments section below or in an email.

Pete S

PS- Note that there are only men listed. Women didn't get the right to vote until the 19th amendment to the Constitution was passed in August, 1920.


  1. Yes, how many pages did the Mathis clan occupy? I would like to see all of them, if possible. Thanks
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Beverly,

    The Mathises are spread over three pages which I will post in a day or two.

    Pete S

  3. Thanks Pete. Looks like they, at least, had their minds made up as to their affiliation. I'll have to go through the list to see just which ones were family.

  4. Pete,

    You mentioned that there were no McAnney's or Steels in the voter registration list. The McAnneys at that time were undoubtedly living in Wading River, Washington Township, and the Steele's moved to New Getna from Goshen in Cape May County in the mid 1930's.

    The senior Clarance Steele bought a house and garage in Mathistown, west of Job's Creek and moved his entire family there. He opened a auto repair garage.

    The original McAnney was Jim McAnny, a Civil War vet who met and married one of the numerous Maxwells who comprised the predominate family in Wading River at that time.

    Don Maxwell