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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Martha Elizabeth Mathis Parker

This is the third in our photo series on the children of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis. Martha Elizabeth was their third child. The following information from Clifford Parker's book, "The Parker Family of Parkertown, New Jersey and Allied Lines", gives an overview of her family after her marriage to Leslie Parker.
Martha Elizabeth Mathis, daughter of Joshua H. and Rebecca (Grant) Mathis, born February 3, 1898 in New Gretna [Note: Jean and Murray Harris' book, "The Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor", lists Martha's birth place as Atsion.], died March 4, 1982 at Daytona Beach, Florida. Married Leslie Parker, (born Janauary 13, 1895 in Parkertown and died June 20, 1978 in Beach Haven) on April 29, 1918 in the West Creek Methodist Church. They are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Tuckerton. Children:

i Lester R. Parker
ii Elizabeth Parker married Erman Murray of Daytona Beach, Florida
iii Phyllis Parker married William Gee of Beach Haven, N.J.

The 1930 Beach Haven Census shows the Leslie and Martha Parker family with only two children, Lester and Marjorie E. I believe Marjorie E. was Elizabeth who is listed above. Phyllis has not been born at the 1930 census.

Following are the World War I and II Draft Registration cards of Leslie Parker.

World War I Draft Registration Card - Front
Courtesy of

World War I Draft Registration Card - Back
Courtesy of

World War II Draft Registration Card - Front
Courtesy of

World War II Draft Registration Card - Back
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Following are some family photos.

Obituaries courtesy of Shirley Whealton

Pete S

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