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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leon Hilliard Mathis

This is the fifth in our photo series on the children of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis. Their fifth child was Leon Hillliard Mathis.

The following family summary was taken from Murray and Jean Harris' book, "The Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor". Some additions have been made.

Leon Hilliard Mathis, son of Joshua H. (2043) and Rebecca (Grant) Mathis, born May 9, 1904 at Atsion, died September 25, 1976 at Manahawkin, married (a) October 1, 1924 Verda Mamie Mott, daughter of Joel Milton Sr. and Florence Virginia (Quinn) Mott, born September 28, 1906, died April 26, 2002 and (b) Elizabeth S. Baker, born 1912, died January 19, 1971 and (c) Awilda Lippincott. Leon was a supervisor of public works and lived on Stage Road, Tuckerton. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery there. He had five children with Verda and four with Betty.

i Leon Jr., married Lorraine Silvia of Bristol, RI. (died 1999)
ii Cecil Allen Milton, born January 22, 1928, (died 1992), married Joyce C Leek.
iii George W., born November 14, 1929, married Mary Jones. Lived in Farmville, VA in 1999.
iv Mary, married Charles A. McGill who died in Februaty, 1988 in N.Y. Mary was living in Little Egg Harbor in 1999.
v Charles, adopted by the Luker family, married Jeannie Patricia Dovak. Charles was adopted out to the Luker family. Their children: Denise Ann, Kathleen Patricia and John Elliot Luker. Charles and Jeanie were living in Hanover Indiana in 2010.
vi Clarence, married Patricia Klein
vii Helen, married on October 8, 1966 William White, son of George White of Tuckerton. They lived in L.E.H. in 1999.
viii Margaret M., married William Boyd. They lived in Southampton in 1999.
ix William J. lived in L.E.H. in June 1999.

The 1930 Bass River Township Census shows Leon H (age 25) and his first wife, Verda M. (age 23) with their children Leon H, Jr, (age 5), Cecil A. (age 2 years, 2 months), and George W. (age 4 months). They were living on Greenbush Road.

Following are some photos of Leon Hilliard Mathis and his family.

Obituary courtesy of Shirley Whealton.

That's about all that I have on Leon Hilliard Mathis. Any additional information that our Blog readers can provide would be appreciated.

Pete S


  1. Mr. Stemmer --

    Thanks for the posting on Leon Hilliard Mathis' family (my paternal grandfather). I noticed a few blanks -- the information from my family tree is as follows:

    Leon Jr. was married to Lorraine Silvia of Bristol, RI.
    Margaret M Mathis was married to William Boyd.
    My uncle, George W Mathis (of VA) is married to Mary Jones.

    Really enjoying reading all the background information and especially like seeing all the photos!

    Thanks so much.

    Kathee Johnson

  2. Kathee,

    That's for the additional family information. I added the data above.



  3. I added a photo of the Charles and Mary Mathis McGill family in 1960.

    Pete S

  4. The picture of Charles and Mary (Mathis) McGill and familk came out good. The boy #4, name is Kenneth, not Keith. Thanks. George & Mary

  5. I know this is from a long time ago, but Clarence and Patricia's picture has the wrong maiden name for Patricia. She was a Klein.