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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ray Etta Mathis - Daughter of Joshua & Rebecca Mathis

This is the beginning of a series on the children of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis. The series is not meant to present a detailed account of each of the children's families but, rather, a brief overview of the family structure with a few photos of the respective child of Joshua and Rebecca.

I got the following chart, showing all their children, from George and Mary Mathis. It's a great overview of Joshua and Rebecca's kids. It's a little small, but you can enlarge it by hitting your CONTROL and + key. I'll be presenting the children in the order of the chart which lists the children from the oldest to the youngest.

Ray Etta Mathis was Joshua and Rebecca's first child. Born the day after Christmas in 1892, she married brothers John Jr. and Harry Allen. The genealogy information below was taken from Jean and Murray Harris' book, "The Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor", with some added information obtained from Elaine Allen, Benjamin Allen's widow. Ben was Ray Etta's first child with Harry Allen.

Ray Etta had one son, Leon "Minky" Allen, with her first husband, John Allen. That would make "Minky" a half brother to the rest of Ray Etta's children. She had nine children with her second husband, Harry Allen, five of whom died at birth or in infancy.

Leon "Minky" Allen (1911-1983) was the only child of John and Ray Etta Mathis Allen. Photo courtesy of Benjamin and Elaine Allen.

Ray Etta Mathis, daughter of Joshua H. and Rebecca (Grant) Mathis, born December 26, 1892, died 1973, married (a) John Allen Jr.and (b) Harry Allen, both are sons of John and Sarah (Gray) Allen. Harry was born July 27, 1890, and died January 29, 1983. They are buried in Miller Cemetery, New Gretna. John was the father of Ray's first son.

i Leon Allen, born July 19, 1911, died January 30, 1983, married December 31, 1941 Georgia Griffin and had Anna Rebecca on November 16, 1943 and Sara on September 16, 1946.
ii Benjamin Allen, married Elaine Bangert
iii Lawrence Allen died in infancy. Buried in Atsion Cemetery.
iv Ann Allen, born May 19, 1922 married (a) August Hickman and (b) Ralph Newman
v George Allen, married Pauline Buss
vi Sara Allen, born August 5, 1927, married Howard Ware
vii Jessie Allen, died in infancy, buried Miller Cemetery
viii Harry M. Allen Jr., born July 21, 1932, died of measles at age 2, buried Miller Cemetery
ix Joshua Raymond Allen, a twin to Harry M., born July 21, 1932. Died of measles at age 2 only hours apart from his twin, Harry.
x Esther, stillborn, buried in Miller Cemetery.
Ray Etta has been previously mentioned on the Blog in the telling of tragic story of the loss of her twin boys, Harry M. and Joshua, who died of measles within two hours. You can read that sad story by clicking on the link below. Her situation is also somewhat unusual, in that she first married John Allen Jr. (1889-1947), son of John and Sara Gray Allen, then married his younger brother, Harry (1890-1983), after a divorce from John.

Following are some photos of Ray Etta.

Note: The stroller behind Benjamin likely holds Ray Etta's twin sons, Joshua and Harry, before their death of measles later in that same year.

Obituaries courtesy of Shirley Whealton.

Pete S

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