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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leonard Paul Potter

The other day Jason Potter wrote a comment (See below) to the Blog regarding the October 16, 2009 entry entitled "The Potter-Sooy Connection".

Hey, I'm a junior in high school and doing a project about my family's heritage, and I typed in my dads dads name. Leonard Paul Potter Sr. I am Leonard Paul Potter Jr's son. I'm just curious to see whether or not this is my family's past. Other wise this is pretty cool how far back this dates. -Jason Paul Potter
I resonded that "The Potter-Sooy Connection" Blog entry was indeed Jason's family. Leonard Paul Potter, Sr. was a brother to Stephen Potter who was listed as the Eighth Generation.

Jason answered with the following comment.
Thank you for the info, I showed it to my dad, and he would be very interested in seeing his dad's pictures as well. He said we may have some that may be on interest to you. I have visited my great Uncle Bud and Aunt Millie a few times in New Gretna when we come down to our beach house on Long Beach Island. My dad has one of those Barnegat sneak box duck boats made at The Tuckerton Museum. Is there any info on the Potter side? Jason

Well, Jason, following are the photos I have of Leonard Paul Potter, Sr. I hope that you and your dad enjoy them.

Steve Potter, Sr. with son, Leonard Paul Potter on Sooy Lane in New Gretna. (Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)
Leonard Paul Potter fishing on the Bass River. (Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)
Leonard Paul Potter. (Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)

Leonard Paul and MargiLou Potter leaving the church on their wedding day. Mom-Mom Sooy is on left. (Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)

Leonard Paul and MargiLou Potter on their wedding day. (Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)

The Stephen and Leonard Paul Potter families.
Who can identify those in the photo?
(Photo courtesy of Steve and Millie Potter.)

Pete S


  1. Millie Miller Potter holding baby Maureen, Steve Potter next to her. On floor, left is Linda, then Sheryl Potter Price.
    The others must be Steve's brother's family who I don't know & Momma Sooy in middle of the 2 families. Phyllis

  2. Actually, Aunt Millie on the left is holding Stephanie Lou Potter who is the daughter of Leonard Paul Potter Sr (Steve's brother). Margaret Lou Horner Potter (Paul's wife) is holding Steve and Millie's daughter Maureen. The 2 boys on the floor are both Paul and Margilu's. Leonard Paul (me!) in red polo next to Sheryl and Blair Van Potter next to Paul jr. Love to all. Leonard Paul Potter jr...Pauli