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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gale-Heinemann Family Info Wanted

I received the following email from Bob Heinemann the other day. Since one of the purposes of the Blog is to exchange family history information and to help others who have genealogy questions, I hope someone out in the Blog-O-Sphere can give Bob a hand.

Dear Pete,

I would like to compliment you on the fine work you do with the Bass River History blog.I've recently encountered while doing family research and have enjoyed many of the postings. Although I am not specifically from bass river township, I did grow up in Hammonton and I have fond memories of the pinelands.

I have had relatives that resided in the Bass River area. One in pariticular (a great-great-great Aunt) named Mathilda S. Heinemann was born in Harrisville, Feb 10, 1856 (the famous pine barrens papertown). Her father Christian Heinemann (a German immigrant) was a machine tender in the paper mill and later on when the company incorporated was listed as one of the board of directors.

On Oct 18, 1883 she married a William F. Gale. They were married by a Rev Albert Worthington. Which I discovered from this source:

Worthington was a minister of The First Presbyterian Church of Bass River. From your blog I discovered that this ministerer had served there from 1879-1885. Attached is the marriage certificate. An interesting name to note is of the witnesses.

Three are listed: (1) Mrs Francis Gale (I believe this to be William F Gale's Mother, not positive though); (2) Joseph McNeil; and (3) Rusha Gale Cramer

I noticed that Rusha Gale Cramer is similar to the name listed in the blog posting talking about the stained glass windows of the presbyterian church, "Window #8- Six Church Elders." This may be the second wife of Charles Pitman Cramer.

On Feb 12, 1930 Mathilda died and was buried at Miller cemetary. A photo of her and her husband's tombstones are attached.

The 1920 census list Mathilda and William F. Gale as residing in the Wading River Village and his occupation as being a farmer. They had three children named (1) Annie Frances Gale; (2) William C. Gale married Maud Wetherbee and had Frances Gale (b 1918) and Marion Gale ( b 1919); and (3) Edwin Ruthven Gale married Louise ________.

1920 Washington Township Census

1910 Washington Township Census

I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it was an interesting connection as well as let you know that your blog has been a valuable resource in providing some insight to the daily lives of my ancestors. So with that I would like to say thank you.

Also, I would like to pose a question to your readership if any of them may be familiar with this line of the Gale family or Heinemann family for that matter.

I do have a great-great-great-uncle that was a methodist minister (Henry J Heinemann married to Gertrude Allen) in the area and he and his family is internned at the Johnson Cemetary in Lower Bank. That's a different story however.


Bob Heinemann

So, let's here from someone out in the Blog-O-Sphere and give Bob some help. I know there are at least 3 readers out there (Ed, Gary, and Nancy) who are working on Gale family genealogies.

Pete S

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  1. Hello Pete, tracing family is quite an experience, i am thomas heinemann, i have knowledge of my family back to 1925, i have a pic of my father his two brothers, grandfather and wife, great grandfather and his wife,circa 1925? if you can pass this on to the gale family, maybe we can fill some voids........thank you thomas heinemann