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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Snowstorm

Two nights ago, Donald Maxwell called me from Key Largo, Florida to chew the fat about the old days in New Gretna. During our conversation, Donald was complaining that it was getting so hot that he was going to have to turn on the air conditioner. I told him that he wasn't going to get any sympathy from me, as a new winter storm was predicted to hit New Gretna in a day or two. Well, it hit early evening last night, and it is still snowing as I post this Blog entry at 12 Noon.

It's difficult to tell exactly how much snow we have gotten because it's been blowing around pretty good in blustery, high winds, and it's still coming down. I would estimate around 16 inches, so far. The following photos give a pretty good picture of the storm.

16 inches and counting

As this is a history Blog, I thought I would post a few snow related photos from our New Gretna old photos archive. I hope you enjoy them.

Bennie Allen plowing Mink Path Road in a 1956 storm. (Photo courtersy of Joseph & Betty Petzak.)

There are three Route 9 houses in the above photo of Earle and Viola Cramer. It's interesting that both went by their middle name. Who out in the Blog-O-Sphere can identify these houses by naming an owner from the old days in New Gretna?

Hope this snow stops soon. I'm getting tired of shoveling. Right about now, sitting in air conditioning in the Florida keys is sounding pretty good. Donald, I'll trade you my snow shovel for your Bermuda shorts.

Pete S

PS- It's now 4:15 PM and still snowing, with no sign that it is letting up.

PPS- Finally stopped snowing around 5 PM. Hurray!


  1. I lived in NG and the area from 1940-1946 and I do not remember any snow whatever. Of course, I was a small child. I DO remember a hurricane in 1945 or 6. Hmmm, I'll have to ask cousin Peggy Magee.
    On the TX Gulf Coast we are enjoying a cool, sunny day and awaiting cold and/or rain this coming week. We done had our snow in December although they are saying some is possible still.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. ID of homes of latest snow photo: Methodist parsonage - Joe Uncle as occupant. Across Rt. 9 – Harvey Houk or Del Robbins then on to Norman Cramer.

    Got to end this as the humming birds are letting me know the feeder is empty.

    Cheers – Clif Brown

  3. Yah Clif, rub it in to those who won't see a hummingbird for 4 months ;-)
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  4. Pete,

    Cliff got it right, identifying those older New Gretna houses. The only difference I can think of is the one he said was Harvey Houck. The Houck's must have occupied it after I left New Gretna, as the original occupant was Herbert Maxwell. He had the house built, I believe, by Lew Gerew and lived in it until he passed away.

    Don Maxwell.