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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marian Broome and the Class of 1932

This is the last Blog posting regarding the 1932 Tuckerton High School 50th Class Reunion, and I've saved the best for last. Following is the autobiography of Marian Broome, who was a dear friend and a big help to me in gathering information and understanding New Gretna history from the 1930's through the 1990's. I spent many enjoyable hours with Marian just chewing the fat about the "good old days" in New Gretna. She was a remarkable woman with a detailed memory of so many people and events. If you've ever known Marian, you would never forget her. She was one of a kind! By the way, the middle initial "C" was for Chestnut.

Marian (Ben) C. Broome
P.O. Box 13
New Gretna, N.J. 08224

"Honor Student"

After graduation in 1932 I spent the Summer as a Waitress in my Uncle's Hotel in Ocean City, N.J., and continued that practice through the following Summers, including 1936. In September, 1932 I entered Temple University in the School of Business Administration and graduated in June 1934. In '34 I was employed as Secretary to the Branch Manager of Hajoca Corp., Camden, N.J. (a large plumbing and heating company with thirty-seven serving the Eastern Seaboard. On October 17, 1936 I married Alfred L. Pannebakker who was Credit Manager for American-Standard in Philadelphia the Suburban areas, whom I met while attending Temple. Knot was not tied securely and ended in divorce in 1942.

Marian Broome and husband to be, Al Pannebakker, at the Broome home on North Maple Avenue, New Gretna. Easter, 1934. (Photo courtesy of Marian Broome.)

In 1937 I was transferred to the General Office in Philadelphia as Secretary to the General Office. It was great and an ideal company to work for. I was active in of their business and social groups and a member of their Bowling Team. In 1945 my Mother, Sister and I joined the Order of Eastern Star, Tuckerton Chapter #54, on the same night.

Marian (right) was installed in the Order of the Eastern Star with her mother, Elizabeth, (center) and her sister, Jennie, (left). (Photo courtesy of Marian C. Broome.

A cousin had married a Commander in the and moved to England. So in 1953 I was invited to be their guest the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. I sailed from New on May 14, 1953 the S.S. Maritania and, after spending six weeks, returned home on the S.S. QE 1, This was my most outstanding vacation and truly a great experience.

While I was in England I was privileged to visit several other Countries. Travelled by plane from London to Paris, on to Geneva, Switzerland, then to Berne and back to London. Flying through the Alps is both thrilling and beautiful. In 1955 I was made Secretary to the Purchasing and Assistant Purchasing Agents of Hajoca Corp. In 1957 the General Office moved to Ardmore, Pa. so I too moved my residency to Ardmore. Through the years I have taken numerous trips through the United States and Canada. Had a most enjoyable ten day Boat trip from Montreal up the St. Lawrence and back to Quebec. Have crossed the United States twice by auto and three times by plane. My last extensive trip was in 1980 when I flew to Oregon and covered the Pacific Northwest. At present I have visited forty-five of the fifty States and am looking forward to including the remaining five before the good Lord calls. In 1964 I was the victim of a mugging in Philadelphia and was unable to work for six weeks. So when Hajoca Corp. announced they were opening a Branch in Linwood, N.J. in 1966, I asked to be transferred. The request was granted and I moved back to New Gretna. The Linwood Branch was not a success and was closed. In 1970 I became private Secretary to Mrs. Ethel Marie Noyes, Owner and Operator of Historic Smithville Inns. This was a real challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed. Knowing & working for Fred Noyes was an education in itself. I grew to love both of them. Mr. & Mrs. Noyes sold the Smithville complex to American Broadcasting Companies Inc. in August 1974 and vacated the premises in September; I left in December. The Noyes opened Ram's Head Inn on November 17, 1976 and again I became their Secretary. Mrs. Noyes passed away suddenly in January, 1979. Mr. Noyes sold the establishment to Barry Knowles, owner of The Manor in East Orange, N.J., and he took possession in November 1979. I only worked for Mr Knowles a short time and left November 16, 1979 to enter the hospital and never returned to work so I have been enjoying retirement for three years. Mr. Noyes has built a Museum on what was formerly known as Lily Lake in Oceanville, N.J., which will be opened to the Public in the near future. I have been asked to be the Secretary so I may return to the business world. I always received so much pleasure from meeting people, and this has been achieved beyond my expectations as I have met and made friends with so many lovely people, both in business and travelling.

Fred and Ethel Noyes
Photo courtesy of Google Images

I had always maintained my membership at the New Gretna Methodist Church where I now serve on the Board of Trustees, Administrative Board, and a member of the United Methodist Women's group, Vice President of the New Gretna Old Home Society, and an Officer in O.E.S.

Marian at the May, 1999 Old Home Society dinner.
(Photo courtesy of Elaine Webber Mathis)

I have no children (regret losing one), no pets, and I am so happy to be able to be on the move. God has been so very good to me and I never cease to praise Him for blessing me so abundantly in every way.

Following are a few photos of Marian and some of her Tuckerton High School friends. I wonder if anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere knew or are related to any of the gang.

(l-r) Leila Mathis, Charlotte Cramer, Helen Mathis, and Marian Broome. June 12, 1930 photo taken at Tuckerton High School. (Photo courtesy of Marian Broome.)

(l-r) Rodney Mathis, Marian Broome, Harold "Eppie" Falkinburg, Charlotte Cramer, Helen Mathis, and Lou Speck on June 12, 1930, the last day of the school year at Tuckerton High School. (Photo courtesy of Marian Broome.)

Well, that ends our little visit with the New Gretna members of the class of 1932. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Pete S

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