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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tuckerton High School Class of 1932- The New Gretna Girls

I had posted some information from a 1982 Reunion of the Tuckerton High School Class of 1932 in the January 13, 2010 Blog entry. I stated that there were two students from New Gretna in that graduating class - John Barnes and Marian Broome. Elaine Allen sent in a comment stating that there were three more New Gretna students listed in the 1932 class - Margaret Allen Griggs (Sam Allen's daughter and Lizzie Gerew's sister), Linda Allen McNeil (Les Allen's sister), and Julia Archer Purdy (Frank Archer's sister). I had planned to highlight Marian Broome in next Wednesday's Blog entry, so I thought I would fill in today with the autobiographies of the 3 New Gretna girls, mentioned by Elaine Allen, as presented in the 1982 Reunion Booklet.

The cover of the Tuckerton High School 1982 Reunion Booklet. (Courtesy of Franklin Gray)

Margaret (Peggy) Allen Griggs

Box 42 - Mockingbird Lane

Diamond City, Ark. 72644

After graduation I went to work for a Lawyer in Margate, N.J. and it was there I met Walt, my husband-to-be. "Gin" (Horner) Price and Ellison Price were with us when we were married in 1935. Our only child, Connie, was born in October, 1937 and was married in 1957 to John D. Daugherty, and they make their home in Wauwatosa, Wis. They have a son aged 22, and a daughter aged 20; both are presently in College at the University of Wis­consin. My husband Walt, went to work for The Washington National Insur­ance Company in 1940, and retired after thirty-one years there. Then we moved to our present home in Diamond City, Ark., where we have enjoyed al­most eleven years of a beautiful retirement together. We enjoy our home area, so much we rarely do any traveling, but I have kept in touch with several of my High School friends. We belong to the local Country Club and enjoy golf, swimming, and good fellowship. We are blessed with an abundant life: spiritually, materially and physically, and offer our thanks daily to the One who makes it all possible.

Tuckerton High School 1944 Postcard (Courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society.)

Linda (Lindy) Allen McNeil

62 Cozy Oaks Park Cardiff, N.J. 08232

Graduated in 1932 and married in 1933 for thirty-six years. After having reared five daughters I moved to the Pleasantville area in 1969, and worked for Lenox Inc. over eight years. Retired in 1979. Have nine grand-children; three grand-sons, and six grand-daughters. I now enjoy doing Home Crafts - knitting, crocheting, etc. I belong to the Pomona Senior Citizens' Club and enjoy many trips with them.

* * * * * * *

Julie (Judy) Archer Purdy

19244 Meadow Brook

N. Ft. Myers

Florida 33903

215 Surf Avenue

The Surfsider

North Wildwood, N.J. 08206

Julia Archer

Graduated 1932 and married the same year.

Five years later son, James C. MacDonald II was born in Tuckerton. He is presently a Math and Science teacher at Middle Township High School, Cape May Court House, N.J. He recently received a $38,000. Federal Grant to erect, for study, a 95 ft. energy producing Windmill. I have two grand-children; Jimmy III, 15 years of age, and Heather, nine. While still living in new Gretna, worked at Chalfonte Haddon Hall (Resorts International Casino) in the Publicity Dept. During Second World War lived in Chester, Pa., worked in the Philadelphia office of John A. Roebling Steel Co., did general Clerical duties, but then became one of the first female Expediters, due to men going in the Service. Was divorced in 1943 and moved to Collingswood, N.J. Went to work at New York Shipbuilding Corp. (navy Dept.) as Chauffeur, Re­ceptionist, and Hostess. A very interesting career - meeting such notable people as Margaret Mitchell ("Gone With The Wind") , Admiral Halsey’s wife an family, President Franklin D. Rosevelt's aide, Harry Hopkins and family, the DuPont and Spruce families, to name just a few. I was privileged to board many Aircraft Carriers for the Launchings, and Trial Boards such as the Guam, Saipan and Bataan. Stayed with the Company two more years after the war. In 1943 I attended Night Classes of the Bessie V. Hicks, Dramatic Art School, and in 1944 attended Night Classes in Millinery at Spring Garden Institute; both schools located in Philadelphia. In 1947 went to work at Camden Courier Newspaper in the Advertising Dept. which was another interesting position. Married Robert L. Purdy, graduate of The Wharton School, University of Penna., in the New Gretna Presbyterian Church on April 24, 1948. Bob retired in 1975 from Singer Company as Systems Business Machines’ Manager of the Phil. office. While living in Moorestown and Cherry Hill I was involved in Republican politics. The biggest disaster was when I headed up the campaign for the N.J. State Women's Republican Federation (Charlie Sandman for Governor), who was badly defeated in 1963. From 1960 to 1965 worked at the Garden State Race Track in Cherry Hill, Mutual and Admissions Dept., during their 3.prin.; Spring and Fall Meets. In 1904 received an appointment to work In the N.J. State Racing Commission office. This lasted only one year due to change of party ruling in Cherry Hill. When not working, did Volunteer Service work for West Jersey Hospital, Camden, N.J. Received a 1000 hour gold pin with diamond. Also, served four years as President of an Auxiliary associated with the Hospital. Having a Summer home at the Seashore (Wildwood Crest) and Bob playing golf, prompted me to take up golf seriously. After several years of playing and several interfering health problems, I became very much interested in the game. In 1976 and 1977 served as President of the Wildwood Women’s Golf Asso. comprising a group of eighty-seven members. Have been fortunate enough to have had two HOLE-IN-ONES; one locally and one in Stuart, Fl. Have won many trophies at both outside Clubs and at the W.W.G.A. Especially proud of “OUT OF STATE SWEEPSTAKES" in 1976 at the Mission Inn Golf & Country Club, near Orlando, Fl. Our retirement interest is golf, so last year we bought a home at Lake Fairway's Golf & Country Club in Ft. Meyers, Fl. We are located on a lake and the 18th Hole Fairways. We have done a bit of traveling within the States, Hawaii, Ireland and London, returning on the famous QE2. In September we plan a trip to Alaska, In January 1982 we moved (suddenly) from a condo in Stone Harbor to the above mentioned address. Would enjoy hearing from old friends.

Stop by next Wednesday for our last posting regarding the 50th Reunion of the 1932 Tuckerton High School class. We will feature an autobiography by Marian Broome. Those of you who knew Marian won't want to miss it.

Pete S


  1. I added a newspaper article about the 9/3/1932 wedding of Julia Archer to James MacDonald in Julie Archer Purdy's autobiography.

    Pete S

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