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Saturday, May 2, 2009

West Creek Man To Save Chrysler

While reading the newspaper for the last few days, the news regarding the auto companies has not been good. Things at Chrysler look the bleakest as rumors are flying that bankruptcy is imminent if they are not able to strike a deal with the Italian automaker, Fiat. 

Well, the Blog has sources of its own, unbeknown to the financial experts in Washington and Wall Street, that report on a pending deal that will ultimately save Chrysler. The rumors regarding Fiat are just a diversion. Seems that Chrysler executives have been negotiating in secret with the Crosson family in West Creek for the design and patent rights to a car that promises to save Chrysler from bankruptcy and bring profitability back to the once proud car company. It's light and extremely fuel efficient. Chrysler engineers will just have to solve the problem of it's limited top speed which is not a problem on the back streets of West Creek but would pose a significant safety problem on the Parkway. 

WEST CREEK MAN HAS "A BETTER IDEA": Vernon Crosson, Route 9, says he has solved most of today's automobile problems with his custom-made 1901 Rambler. He says his horseless carriage offers unlimited visibility (no windshield) and the answer to excessive horsepower and air pollution. (The 3 horsepower Briggs and Stratton motor will do a maximum of 18 miles per hour). Crosson started his project about three and a half years ago when he saw a newspaper photograph of a 1901 Rambler and decided he would like to have one. Working in his garage in his spare time Crosson used everything from pots and pans, the metal from discarded cots, to items gleaned from the city dump, to create his ideal car. He made the same mistake a predecessor, Henry Ford, made: He had to knock out a section of the garage to get his horseless carriage out.
Tuckerton Chronicle- May 1, 1969

Keep tuned to the Blog for updates. Might not be a bad time to buy some Chrysler stock.

Pete S

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