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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuckerton Water Park

I've noticed an increase of Florida water park commercials on TV lately. Most show families frolicking in a variety of water related scenes. It makes you want to head to Atlantic City Airport and hop a plane to Disney's Water Park in Orlando, Florida.

In today's tight economy, most of us don't have the funds for a trip to Florida, so I have a low budget suggestion - How about a trip to Cedarwater Park on Lake Pohatcong in good old Tuckerton? The price is right, only 15 cents on weekdays and 25 on weekends. 

E. Moss Mathis, owner of Clearwater Park
Photo courtesy of Russell & MaryLou Mathis.

It may be a little chilly this time of year, so you may want to don your wooley bathing suit for our Lake Pohatcong frolic. 

Local girls in their wooley bathing suits.
Photo courtesy of Steve Eichinger

How about we meet at the lake this coming Saturday? I hear my Men's Breakfast buddy, Rickie "White Shoes" Steele, has a wooley speedo that he bought just for our Tuckerton Water Park trip and plans to do his famous cannon ball. That, alone, should be worth the price of admission. 

Rickie has good credentials for being a water sports star, as his dad, Budd, was an outstanding swimmer and the first lifeguard at Lake Absegami in Bass River State Park.

Budd Steele on the sandy beach at Lake Absegami
Photo courtesy of Almira Cramer Steele

Hope to see you all at Cedarwater Park this Saturday.

Pete S

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