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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ethel Wiseman Sprague's 102nd Birthday Party

I got a telephone call from Myrtle Wiseman Falkinburg this past week inviting me to her sister Ethel Wiseman Sprague's 102 birthday party on February 7th at Seacrest Village Manor on Center Street in Little Egg Harbor. Ethel is the oldest living person born in New Gretna, so I accepted, as I was eager to meet and speak with her. 

I had written a Blog entry on Ethel on December 3, 2008 when she was merely 98. You can read that Blog entry about her family background and see some old Wiseman family photos by clicking on the photo below.

Baby Ethel with her mother, Olive Wiseman, 102 years ago.
Photo courtesy of Myrtle Wiseman Falkinburg

It was a pleasure meeting the 102 year old birthday girl and her loving family. 

Ethel Wiseman Sprague, 102 years old

I spoke with Ethel about her childhood in New Gretna. She was born on the Wiseman family farm on West Greenbush Road. She spoke of Rev. Ginter at the Presbyterian Church and mentioned many residents, long passed away, who she remembered. Her memory was remarkable!

Rev. Ginter was the New Gretna Presbyterian Church's minister
when Ethel was a young girl.

Following are some photos that I took at the party.

Ethel's daughter, Helen Sprague Toole, shows Ethel her birthday flowers.

Ethel with her sister, Myrtle Wiseman Falkinburg. Myrtle is 92 and a big help
to me in relating her memories of growing up and living in New Gretna. Ethel
is holding up a birthday congratulations certificate from President Obama.

Myrtle is known by the family as "Dolly", a nickname that was given to her by Ethel shortly after Myrtle was born. Ethel said that Myrtle looked like her dolly and the name stuck.

Ethel scratching off lottery tickets she received for her birthday.
She won $2.00.

Ethel got some beautiful presents.

Ethel blows out her birthday candles.

Ethel enjoying her birthday cake.

Ethel with her grandson, John Nelson, who operates a Jitney service in Atlantic City.

The family gathers around to sing Happy Birthday.
Front Row: Ethel and sister, "Dolly"
2nd Row (l-r): granddaughter, Jane Keams; sister, Cassie Wiseman Heinrichs;
granddaughter, Cindy Lucas; and daughter, Gladys Sprague Moody.
Back Row (l-r): daughter, Helen Sprague Toole; grandson John Nelson,

and son-in-law, Larry Moody.

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  1. I am sorry to say that my wonderful grandmother, Ethel Wiseman Sprague, has passed away yesterday on February 14th 2015. She had just celebrated her 105th Birthday on February 7th. I'll miss her & Love her always. RIP grandmom.