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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday Howard Ware

Howard Ware was 90 this past Monday. Such an important event cannot go unheralded here at the Blog. Howard is an old, dear friend! Born in Wading River, Howard built his North Maple Avenue home in New Gretna in the 1950's after his marriage to Sara Allen. He's become a New Gretna fixture ever since.

Howard's North Maple Avenue home.
(February 1, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer)

There are some events that a community needs to celebrate. Howard's 90th birthday certainly qualifies. A roomful of Howard's friends gathered at the Methodist Church this past Friday evening for a festive Birthday dinner celebration. While Howard wasn't taken by surprize, after all nothing much having to do with New Gretna slips by Howard, he certainly was surprized by the large number of friends who turned out to acknowledge a dear friend. It was evident by the love in the room that Howard touched the lives of a great number of people.

Following are a few photos taken by Sharon Maurer of the celebration.

Howard smiles as everyone shouts "Happy Birthday!"

Howard was joined at the head table by his brother, Nelson (right).

Howard admires his special Birthday cake made by Sharon Maurer.

Howard's cake had a hunting theme.

I stopped by Howard's house the next day to see what he was up to, a day after his party. I figured that he'd be resting from all the excitement of the night before. I should have known better. Those of you who know Howard shouldn't be surprized by what he was doing. I found him in his garden planting beans. I'd hate to guess how many he has planted over the years.

I'm sure that everyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere joins me in wishing Howard many more healthy, productive years. The "Bean Man" deserves no less.

Pete S


  1. Looking at my list on, I find that Sarah Allen is my 3rd cousin once removed. So there is another twig on the 'ol family tree.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Howard is my mother's cousin!! I have him on my tree. Howard's mother, Sarah Updike-Ware is my grandfather John 'Jack' Updike's sister. I'm just finding this out. I was adopted at 1 year old. My mother was Barbara Updike, Howard's cousin. I would love to find out more from Howard if he is still with us! :0) Email: My name is Beth,if there is any way to find out more please send me an email, thank you so much!