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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Parkertown's Gormley Twins - Who's Who?

Anyone driving through Parkertown can't help spotting "My Three Sons", a garden center-produce business, on Route 9 owned by the Gormley family for 46 years.

How many of you can name the three sons? Well there's Ray, John, and Tom. John and Tom are twins who were born in 1966, the same year that "My Three Sons" was started.

As it is with many twins, sometimes it's difficult to tell them apart. Who can tell who's who below? I still have difficulty when I see John and Tom in person today.

Pete S

PS- A special thank you to Shirley Whealton for clipping out the Gormley twins photos 46 years ago and sharing them with us today.


  1. They both played senior league for Viking Yacht. My dad was the coach and I remember him saying that one batted left and one batted right... I'm not sure which was which. :)

  2. Im the better looking one!!! and I batted left!

  3. Well in the first baby picture, my guess would be Tom (the one w/ the big head,lol-love ya Tom).
    We had much fun growing up w/ Tom and John at LEH (little egg Harbor)They were always tricking the teachers changing shirts and trading classrooms.:) Rumor has it that John was the only real twin to get schooling,He was playing both parts While Tom stayed home and hunted.(thats a lot of shirt changes John.)Ha,Ha,Ha.
    Gotta LOVE the Gormley's:) <3
    ~ Diedre Dieckman