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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The 1914 Tuckerton Baseball Team

I got the following photo of the 1914 Tuckerton baseball team from John Allen up in still chilly New Hampshire. I believe he scanned it from the "Downshore From Manahawkin to New Gretna" book published by Arcadia Press. Can anyone answer his email question below?

I'm also wondering if anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere is related to any of the 1914 ballplayers.

Pete S


Great job on the 1950 THS baseball team. Who other than Ditty [Walter Loveland] was from New Gretna on the 1914 team pictured below?




  1. Are my eyes deceiving me or does the description say "Tuckerton High School Team of 1914" not 1904?

  2. Beverly,

    Ooooops! You iz correct! I made the corrections on the blog entry above.


    Pete S

  3. Pete,

    In answer to John Allen's question, I believe the other New Gretna player on the 1914 team was Joe Mathis, son of Carey Mathis. They lived up North Maple Ave. on the river just below where you live. He had a son, Joseph Jr., who enlisted in the USA Air Force and was shot down over Europe during WWII. Joe Mathis Sr. later had a plumbing store on Main Street in Tuckerton in the 1950's. His son, Joe Jr. played briefly on the New Gretna baseball team before the war. He was killed in action.

    Don Maxwell

  4. In digging around in my geneology,I see we are related to some Lovelands. But, which ones. I remember my grandfather mentioning "Ditty" Loveland frequently so I assume they were at least good friends. I have tried to look up Walter D. Loveland but cannot find much about him. Is he the Loveland on the baseball team?
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  5. Beverly,

    Yes, Walter "Ditty" Loveland is the Loveland in the 1914 Tuckerton baseball team photo.

    Pete S

  6. Hi Pete,

    Hayes Parker was my Great Uncle.

    Don Mathis